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I'm 57 years old, working full time, wife, mother and grand mother, wishing that I wasn't working full time! I love and enjoy our children and grandchildren, our dogs and cat, our garden and allotment. I love crafts - knitting, sewing, crocheting, patchwork and restoring old furniture. I love to go to country auctions and love thinking that I've got my self a bargain!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Afternoon All,

We've actually seen a little bit of sun here today which makes a change after all the rain we've had recently - the washings out  in the fresh air, but I doubt that it will dry it completely. But if it gets it half dry then its a bonus - I hate wet washing hanging around the house - we don't have a tumble dryer because we don't have anywhere to put one and who can afford the electric to run one? So we'll wait until later, put an extra log on the log burner and leave the clothes on a clothes horse in front of it when we go to bed. Nine times out of ten it's dry in the morning.

Once upon a time I had a dolly maid - you know those clothes rails that are on a pulley system, and they go up and down - you put the clothes on it and then pull it back up - I suppose that it works on the assumption that heat rises, it did always get the washing dry - mind that was back in the days when I had an aga and the heat from that helped - one day I'll tell you the saga of the aga - it's a long story.

I've finally got round to making my Christmas cakes today and the house is smelling very Christmassy, so that's another thing to tick off my list. Plus it's our 8th wedding anniversary today and my birthday tomorrow. Out shopping with my Mom tomorrow and then to the hairdressers.

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of our new dog Winnie, she's got Cocker, Yorkie and Jack Russell, in her -  she's a proper scruffy looking  dog, a little madam and into just about everything but really loving and such a laugh - we certainly wouldn't be without her now and love her to bits and to us, she's beautiful.

She never keeps still so these are the best photo's I have of her at the moment - normally all I manage to snap is her tail end! These were taken down in Cornwall a few weeks ago. My handbag got in the way slightly (It was a Cath Kidston bag so can be excused!)

Have a good day everyone

Byee. xxx

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Just a little catch up

Afternoon All,

I hope everyone is ok out there - Its been a little busy here but the de cluttering is all finished and done for now thank goodness, at least for a little while anyway.

I spent last Saturday driving back to work to go and put all the thank you cards through the letter box - I'm a big believer that once you've gone then you've gone - I shall keep in touch with my good friends from work but I don't believe in going back into the work place once you've left - it's never the same so best to just leave on a good note and be done.

After I did that I went to our favourite butchers over there - I've been going to this butchers for more years then I'd like to say and I've never had a poor cut of meat off them yet. I picked up 12 chicken breast portions - they cost me  £10.00 then I had £10.00's worth of best mince and then a large joint of beef that was £25.00 and a butterfly of turkey breast that was £15.00 so I spent £60.00 in total.

I put the beef in to cook slowly over Saturday night and then when that came out of the oven on Sunday morning the turkey went in  - we brought a slicing machine a few years ago so all the meat was sliced up and then went into the freezer - out of the beef and turkey we got 20 meals for the 3 of us here so can't moan at that plus it is decent meat from a butcher that I can trust.

I spent Sunday afternoon on the computer Argos had a 3 for 2 offer on until Tuesday on all the toys so I sorted everything out on Sunday afternoon and reserved it and then we went and fetched the grandchildren's Christmas presents from us on Monday afternoon - I saved quite a bit of money by doing it this way - it is all about looking out for the special offers isn't it?

Did anyone else watch Children in Need last night - it makes you feel so lucky doesn't it to have healthy happy children and grand children - you just feel for some of the people on there last night and then it makes me say thank you that we don't tread in their shoes. 

I'm still frantically knitting to finish the 2 jumpers off ready for Christmas presents  and I do really want to get back into reading but as of yet haven't had much chance. I'm off to a new hairdressers this week for a cut and blow dry - my hair has fallen out in handfuls on the one side of my head and it's gone really thin  - I'm not sure whether it was down to the last hairdresser and the colour that he used or the stress of making my decision to leave work, either way I thought I'd try some where new - I fancy a change but what they'll be able to do with it I don't know.....we'll see. Then Friday I'm off to meet one of my friends from work for lunch and to catch up - we've been friends for nearly 25 years so there's always lots to talk about.

Just before I go - I found a blog recently where the lady very kindly puts photo's on each day of a place in this country that we love to visit and reading this blog has been such a pleasure each day - she not only takes pictures of the sea and the views but of the fields and the wild life and has promoted businesses in the area and you can tell from the photographs that she is really good at photography, but someone has complained that she has taken pictures of their property - she never takes photos close up to the properties, they're always at a distance  and it obviously upset the lady - aren't some people pompous and un-appreciative of other peoples efforts. Such a shame - I do hope that she continues because she does such  beautiful blog posts.

Oh well I'm off now - Have fun everyone

Byee xx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spick and Span..........

Afternoon All

This morning's de-cluttering exercise has been the kitchen cupboards. When I first got married nearly 40 years ago, my Nan told me you always keep a roof over your head, a fire in the grate and food in the cupboard - everything else comes after those 3 things. I have always kept a well stocked, kitchen cupboard and freezer - but with most things the minute you take your eye of the ball and stop watching what's going in and what's being used or not used, it gets all out of hand so today I've tidied and done a list of what's needed and I must admit I have had to throw a few things away that were out of date but not much at all.

I would just love a pantry - to be able to keep all my baking and cooking ingredients in one tiny little room with lots of shelves would be my idea of heaven (doesn't take a lot does to please me does it?!) I've only lived in one house that had a pantry - I was 20 and just married and didn't appreciate what I had then - so when I had a spell at baking about 18 months ago, my hubby put some shelves up for me in the little passageway and that acts as my 'pantry' - I've prettied the shelves up with half folded doilies and all my baking ingredients are in kilner jars on the shelves, plus the 2 bottom shelves store all the small kitchen appliances which only come out every so often.

Well on Monday, I went through the 'stores' and as most of the baking ingredients were out of date - I did have a big clear out and then popped to Aldi and Morrisons and re-stocked.

I'm nearly there with this de-cluttering exercise only another 2 areas to do and I'm done - I did a course on Hoarders and their hoarding habits and why they do it back in the spring and it was so interesting - I was relieved to see that even though I like a little bit of clutter that I was in the 'normal' range - to me having a possessions around me gives me a little bit of happiness and contentment as the majority of things I have - have a memory of some kind attached to them. I had years of not having anything special when I first married the 'prat' of a first husband  so I do cherish what I have around me now.

I was talking to my Mom yesterday and telling her that my hubby had fixed a wardrobe for me - that wardrobe belonged to my Nan who's been gone nearly 20 years now - it's in our bedroom still in use every day along with her ottoman and chest of drawers, they're all still looking good, so why would I need to get rid of them - they're still in use and special to me.

The team that I used to work with used to remove fly tipping they would go to the same places again and again to remove furniture that had been dumped and half the time there was nothing wrong with it - I'm afraid that I don't get this throw away society - it seemed that some residents changed their 3 piece suite every time they changed their hair style!

Oh well - I'll take my leave and return to writing my thank you cards - I left work with so many gifts and although my hubby says that I write a chapter in each card - I just cant write thank you and nothing else when I worked with these people for years and years, so it's taking me some time to do them all

Speak again soon


Sunday, 2 November 2014

So where just does it all come from?

Afternoon All,

So, where just does it all come from?..............what you may ask and the answer is...........dust!

Over the last few days I have undertaken the start of a de-cluttering exercise around the house - for ages I've been thinking - well it might come in handy for when I retire..........and 'stuff' has been kept for 'just in case' purposes -  well I'm here now, retirement has dawned and its time to get sorted!

Plus I've realised that life isn't going to be about watching every penny it's going to be about making the pennies count and work hard

So yesterday it was time to clear the bookshelves and get rid of a load of books - I have my kindle so if I want to read anything I can get it on that  - I've kept the special books - you know the ones that get fetched out and re read every few years. But how does dust get to the back off the books on a book case?!

(It must have been all those times that I've dusted the front of the bookcase but never had the time to take the books off and dust at the back..... oops - paying for it now!)

You know, I've just realised that I have over 80 books on the kindle so plenty to read there which should keep me going for a while.

The other thing that I have been doing for a long long time is stock piling wool and I have a number of UFO's ( unfinished objects) to complete so I also sorted all the wool yesterday -  both all the spare wool and the wool needed to finish the crochet blankets ( why I have 3 ripple blankets all on the go at the same time is something of a mystery!) and now have 2 bookcases full of wool - my daughter always says that it's like walking into a wool shop when she walks into our conservatory because the wool is all lined up on one set of the bookshelves, in there. in order of colour just how you see it in the wool shops.

Perhaps I missed my vocation in life and should have had a wool shop instead of working in housing.

Anyway, the hospice shop will profit from my books but I'm still left pondering where does all the dust come from??

Have a good day

Speak soon


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Is there anybody out there?............

Afternoon All,

Its been a while since I last posted hasn't it?

Life sort of got in the way for a long while - I found it hard to have the time to write posts with work and commuting - I have managed to read a lot of your blog's and have stayed in touch with a number of blogger's.

So what's changed to make me be writing this post now.................I have retired from work!!

I am now a retiree from the rat race - I finally got off that tread mill and now have time to stand and stare, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy my family and the simple pleasures in life - you can tell from my sheer delight that this only happened a week ago.

I realised around March that as far as work was concerned I was 'old school' - I believe that in public service you're there to give a good service to all customers - at work all that seemed to matter was how many awards we won that week.

The plan had been to wait until I was 60 and then retire but I had my pension figures for me to retire this year at 59 and the difference just wasn't worth going up and down the motorway for and spending my time doing a job that I was no longer enjoying - so I made my decision in September and finished a week ago.

It means that we are on a tight income for the next 7 years until I get my state pension but it'll just be a case of managing and getting on with it! At least I wont have to do that commute which had been getting worse and worse recently - I had been working 8 hours and then commuting 2 1/2 hours on top, so just felt completely shattered all the time.

So what's been happening in my little world since I last posted...........we have a beautiful new granddaughter I. a sister for E. there is just 15 months between them so its  a handful now but they will grow up together. My Hubby has retired and is enjoying being at home. We have a new puppy Winnie - she's a Corkie - half Cocker and half Yorkie with a little bit of Jack Russell thrown in too - soooo naughty but so lovely. We've been down to Cornwall twice this year and had brilliant holidays and weather on both occasions. My daughter has secured a really prestigious position in her field and I am very proud of her and her achievements - I think that is all the big news. Oh and we have a new allotment to work on. Pictures of all to follow - when I can remember how to upload and find my way round the blog!

So now I'll be able to post more often and record how I spending my well earned retirement!!

Speak again soon

Byeee xxx

Monday, 30 September 2013

Cornwall, Jamaica Inn and Ghosts

Evening All

Well, Fleetwood Mac were amazing and awesome - my seat was worth every penny that I had spent on it and I achieved something that I have said many times that I'd love to do - see them 'live'. They were on stage from 8.10pm through till 11.00pm

Lyndsey Buckingham  was amazing he spent practically all night on the stage and played on every song bar Mick Fleetwood drum piece and then he  sat on the floor of the stage and just listened to Mick beating out those drums

The whole night was just very special - I'll put some photos on when we get back home

We've travelled down to Cornwall today - it's a 'Sun' holiday and the accommodation is ok basic, clean but not over special - it'll do us for a few days. Rain is forecast so we'll probably stock the car up with a flask of coffee, sandwiches and the kindles to read and then go  and find some where to park up, with a view and a walk for the dogs and just chill each day.

It's tradional that we always stop on the way down here at Jamaica Inn and as the weather was grey with cloud, we were trying to imagine what it must be like to be stuck  on the moors in winter.

When my hubby said 'what if you were stuck in bad windy weather at Jamaica Inn'  would you stay there? my answer was a definite No! - I'd never sleep and would be listening for the ghost of a pirate from long ago to rattle the windows or slam a door or hear the rumble of a cask of rum that's been taken from a boat that's been wrecked on the rocks - I think it's an atmospheric place and I'm sure that if you listen carefully you can hear the rustle of Mary Yellens petticoats in the hall way as she bustles away after listening at a closed door to what the pirates will do next

So if you've read the book - would you stay the night at Jamaica Inn and sleep soundly or do I just have an overactive imagination

Have a good day all - speak soon

Bye xxx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

And breathe.....

Evening All

I went missing there for a little while didn't I? Life took over I'm afraid and the daily grind has been a little manic to say the least!

I did say that work was busy - well its been past busy - closer to frantic really.

When I went back to the team 3 years ago, they weren't known as the most positive of teams but slowly we turned the negatives to positives and we've had some good inspections and reports - so good, that all of a sudden other teams are looking to my lads for recruitment and I've lost 3 good people to other teams. Plus I've had 4 colleagues on long term sick leave with different ailments.

Only problem - management are unwilling to allow me to recruit despite having found 2 brilliant agency guys who would make perfect permanent colleagues. When you add in annual leave, we've been keeping the service to customers going with 50% of a team at times.

It's no wonder that I've been doing 50 hour weeks and feeling very frustrated - I've come to the belief now that we're going to have to fail customers before management will listen to me and let us recruit

But talking to other people in other industries, it seems that everyone is in the same boat - everyone seems to be working flat out with not enough people to do the job properly - is it the recession or is it just the way 'working life' is now - I honestly don't know - all I do know is that I'm so glad that I'm coming to the end of my career - I feel for the youngsters, they've not only got to work till they drop -  with retirement being an impossible dream - but it seems that  they've got to work longer hours and flat out too.

Plus I swear someone has shaved half a day off the weekend - I fail miserably most weekends to get everything done that needs to be done, before I start at work again on a Monday morning - I know I'm tired from work, whether that's making me slower on a weekend..........I just don't know

But on the plus side, I've finished for a week -  I'm going to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow night and then we're off down to Cornwall with our girls (dogs) Tilley and Daisy on Monday morning for a short break - we don't care what the weather does this next week - a walk on the beach, a few nice shops to mooch round and a pub with a view and we'll be just fine.

Time to stop and stare and just breathe in fresh Cornish  air.........

See you in a weeks time

Bye xxx