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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Old age = second childhood!

Hasn't it been so nice to see the sun shinning for the last couple of days - I have even managed to put washing out in the garden to dry.

One of the down sides of having an issue with your my immune system is that  I have suffered a number of lesions on my legs, which were nasty and weeping but have now dried up and scabbed over - it's just like when you was a child and had fell over in the playground and you ended up with a grazed knee   - that's just what they look like now!

They keep itching so they are obviously getting better but each time I do scratch - I can hear my Mom saying (like she used to when I was little)

"Your leg will drop off if you pick at that scab"

I used to think no it won't........will it?

I think I said the same thing to my own 3 children too!

Anyway to make me feel a little better I've been had had my roots done and my hair cut and then I tootled off to Boots and treated myself to some new No 7 make-up - something I haven't done in a long, long time. Then I went onto M & S and brought myself 2 new tops ready for our holidays (11 weeks on Saturday - not that I'm counting!)

I had a Kindle Fire last weekend with some of my Christmas money and have got to say how pleased I am with it - it downloads a book so fast it's brilliant.

But why oh why do I keep calling it my Pringle and not Kindle?!

I really must be hitting old age and my second childhood - can't get my words out right!!

I then went up to the hospital to go in for yet another blood test (this will be my 5th in less than a couple of weeks) and couldn't get onto the car park, there were so many cars on there  - so I gave up and will go again tomorrow.

Well - hope that you got to see some of the sunshine today - Roll on Spring


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday moans

Afternoon All,

Well I'm still here off work and at home - nearly 4 weeks now and  I'm still having issues with my immune system and now a kidney infection!

You know I started this year saying 2013 was going to be a great year - I should have kept quiet - oh well it can only get better. (hopefully)

I did try to go back to work after I'd had the first week off,  but only managed a morning before my ankles all swelled and I didn't think that I'd be able to drive back up the motorway and home again and I've been signed off by the Doctor for the last 3 weeks. But hopefully I'll be back at work next week, after I've seen the consultant .

The day after I tried to go back to work,  there was a young lady in the news who had successfully brought a case to court as she had been expected to work 2 weeks in Pound Land, stacking shelves,  to be able to continue to receive her unemployment benefit.

Now I have never in my life claimed unemployment benefit (if it comes to that - I've never claimed any kind of benefit!) I could have - when the children were little and the first prat of a husband refused to go out to work, but I didn't -  I got up of my backside and got myself a number of part time jobs which meant that I went out to work every single day of the week (weekends included)  - it meant I paid the mortgage and the bills and fed the kids, later on I got myself a full time job and there I've been for the last 23 years. I presently pay over £400 per month in tax and national insurance -  so that this young woman can receive her benefits and then whinge because she's been asked to work 2 weeks

Is it me or have I got it all wrong??? 

Then this week there's been much in the press about a single woman with 11 children being given a brand new purpose built house by her local social housing group. This woman is also on benefits, (has been for most of her working life I believe)  but can afford a horse (or her unemployed daughter can) and flying lessons for the young man in her life at the moment!

I'm sure that the government and the do-gooders in this country think that working people have IDIOT firmly written on our foreheads! cause lets face it that's what we're taken for.

Now I know that I am cynical hard hearted person - I have very little sympathy with people who I don't believe deserve help.

For me - the sooner that the government stops paying so much in benefits to people who have never paid into the system the better - benefits should only be a short term stop gap whilst people get back into work. The benefit system shouldn't be there for healthy people to claim for life.  

Something needs to be done - we're already seen as the soft touch for the eastern Europeans to come here and claim benefits.

Obviously for born and bred British people who suffer genuine ill health of any kind  then  we should look after our own.

Because believe me that woman hasn't had 11 children because she believes that she can give those children  the best in life and loads of love and encouragement - she's had them because more children equals more cash in her hand to spend how she wishes - it gives her choices. (You know what always amazes me? - there's never a father on the scene is there? you know....to pay to keep their own offspring!)

As for that new house - I'd stake my next years pay that given a month and it will be an absolute tip! with nothing but more expence for the housing group to put right. 

Is it me?? I can't see anything wrong in expecting healthy people to give something back and do a couple of weeks work (at the very least) to be able to continue to receive their benefits . People who do go out to work - work 48 weeks of the year - they're only being asked to do 2 weeks for goodness sake!

 My grandparents all worked, my parents worked and my children all work - I've been brought up to be a worker not a shirker. Perhaps I've had it all wrong all these years


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy days to come........


Afternoon All,
One of the better things of being off work, on sick leave,  meant that I could go on the computer at 9 o'clock on Thursday morning and purchase a ticket to go and see Fleetwood Mac at the LG Arena in September. It's cost an arm and a leg for the ticket but sooooo worth it - I've loved Fleetwood Mac for years and who knows how many more times, that they will tour, (they're in their 60's now) so I took my chance, paid my money and that's it now...... I'm going to see them.
I've also recently  had a new car, it's a Toyota Cruiser (it's slightly higher and looks more robust than the old one, but it's not a gas guzzling 4 x4) , it's a proper motorway car and I feel so much safer manoeuvring through Junction 9 and 10 of the M6 every night!
Plus we were lucky with the Sun Holiday and we have a week (well Monday to Friday)  booked at the beginning of October, for St Agnes, in Cornwall - we've paid the extra money and upgraded the accommodation and we're taking Daisy and Tillie (our dogs with us) as they will be OK by then for going on the beaches in Cornwall. (Can't take dogs on some beaches in Cornwall until 1st October)
Plus I was looking on the Internet and found a beautiful little chalet in Hayle, which looks straight onto the beach and across St Ives Bay, for a full week in May. It was a reasonable cost and we managed to book it.
It's got a balcony, just built for whiling away the hours with a glass of wine in hand and a good book to read!  - we're already counting the weeks down to that one (13 weeks next Saturday!)
We also have some further good news (but I'll save that for another day)
Till then - here's Steve Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac singing a beautiful song

Byeee xxx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

That's rare!

Afternoon All,

Well it's been a funny few weeks here - I haven't been at my best, I have an issue with my immune system, which has been causing a few problems.

I couldn't get into my own Doctors to begin with so went to the local 'drop -in' centre and waited 4 hours to see a Doctor (only the Shropshire country bumpkins of our local NHS trust could send all the G.P's in this area on a course on the same day!) - I finally walked in and it was a Nurse who looked at my legs which were very swollen and had I had come out with lots of open sores, on my legs and feet and she said - I'll have to fetch a Doctor - the Doctor came looked at it, then told me what was wrong and said - it's very rare - can I photograph your legs to show my students!

 I have had to have lots of blood tests over the last week and have had a week off work on sick leave (not something I like to do given the present economic climate) but the recommended treatment was to rest, so that's what I've done.

But last Friday night I was sent from the Docs to the hospital, as he wanted to be sure that I wasn't suffering with thrombosis. I arrived at the hospital and was put on the 'fit to sit' ward at 4.30pm - I saw the Doctor at 10.30pm and finally left the hospital,  very weary and teary at 11.30pm. (I had left the house to go to work at 7.15am and had nothing to eat from the lunch time, and only 2 cups of tea throughout those 6 hours) There was no checks made for a thrombosis - he just looked at it and said 'that's very rare'! Then sent me home!

During those 6 hours of waiting, myself and the other 2 patients in there, went more than 2 hours at one point without seeing a soul - we saw the tea lady (who came round twice) more than the Doctors or Nurses. This wasn't the fault of the staff there, and is certainly no criticism of them - they were working absolutely flat out on the adjoining ward, but of the NHS trust management  and their complete lack of care for patients, to leave wards running with so little cover.

Which leads me to the news this week regarding Stafford Hospital, it amazes me when government ministers and the bosses who run that hospital say that they didn't know that people were dying due to lack of care. What absolute idiots - any working class person will  know of a poorly performing hospital, wherever you live in this country. There is one hospital back in the Midlands that's known as No Hope hospital. The local hospital close to where I work is where my Nan died - she was the first person there to go down with MRSA - I don't care if I were dying - there's no way that I would enter that hospital, cause all they'd do is kill you off even sooner, with lack of care and cleanliness!

My Nan worked in the hospitals as a cleaner in the 1930's - she used to have to get down on her hands and knees and scrub the operating theatres - there was no MRSA etc., in those days, because they were cleaned properly - no contract cleaners, cleaning to contract standard then (i.e. you get the cleaning to a standard to match what the hospitals paying for) - then, it was cleaned to the Matron's standard.

When we recently had a fire at work, in one of our properties and one poor gentleman lost in life, we were told that as we had a fire risk assessment and policy in place, if it was found that we hadn't followed that policy then we could all be liable for prosecution for corporate manslaughter, so I for one agree with the relatives of all those people who passed away, in that hospital  - the management team at Stafford Hospital should be held accountable and answerable in a court of law - if they're not held accountable then there's something wrong somewhere, with our legal system.

All I can add is a 'Well Done' to the campaigners who have fought so hard for their lost loved ones, it must have been a long hard fight for justice and they are so close now.

Speak again soon

Byee xxx