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I'm 57 years old, working full time, wife, mother and grand mother, wishing that I wasn't working full time! I love and enjoy our children and grandchildren, our dogs and cat, our garden and allotment. I love crafts - knitting, sewing, crocheting, patchwork and restoring old furniture. I love to go to country auctions and love thinking that I've got my self a bargain!

Monday, 19 November 2012


 Afternoon All

Hope you are all well, it was our 6th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and my Birthday today  (as my Dad said this morning I'm now a Heinz Variety......57!) so on Saturday we decided to treat ourselves - we were out for 6am and made our way to the beautiful city of York. It's the first day out that we've had this year apart from our little trips to Church Stretton and Welshpool.

York is a beautiful city and there was a time when we could afford to go up and stay overnight in a B and B a few years ago, but it would grieve me now to pay what they're asking, so it was all fitted into one day instead.

It's been a few years since we last went and although although there were no empty shops - some of the really nice expensive shops have gone (you know the ones where you peruse the shop window but wouldn't dream of stepping in the door!) York had lost a little of it's sparkle - when we used to go on this weekend in the past,  the Xmas decorations would be up and it would add to the atmosphere, as you were walking round the city - but there weren't Xmas decs up at all, this year - I suppose even the government cut backs have hit there too.

Plus we always used to go into the Minster and light a candle for our relatives who are no longer with us and then just sit and listen to the choir, we always left a donation for this hour of peace and tranquillity but that's gone now - the Minister fat cats now make a charge, which is a shame - it's our  heritage after all, but there you go.

Whilst we there I spent some time in Waterstones and I succumbed and spent some of my birthday money on those books that I wanted

So that's me set up with plenty to read over the next few months and then I was let loose in the Cath Kidston shop

Phew......... it took ages to look round then I decided that blow it! I would treat myself so I brought new bag, key ring, teaspoons, and storage tins for my baking ingredients.

There were so many pretty items in there - but they are pricey too - mind the price didn't seem to bother the ladies of York -  the queue was all the way down the shop and the money that was going through those tills (including some of mine) was an awful lot.
We also went to a household shop called Bennets where I got a new pallet knife, timer and piping bag and nozzles for when I do any baking and also a new desk lamp so that I can now see what I am doing when I am typing on this computer - I couldn't see the letters on the key board that well with the light we'd got..
We took some sandwiches with us - but stopped on the afternoon before we headed back to have a breather and rest my aching feet - 2 pots of tea for 2 people and 2 slices of buttered toast for 2 people came to the grand sum of £9.50............that was an expensive breather!
Oh well it's back on the tread mill tomorrow - back to work - hope you all have a good week
Byee xxx

Saturday, 10 November 2012


Afternoon All,

Just dropping by to say Hello, not much happening here to report on really. We are still waiting at work to find out what management intend to do with their precious review and who will be for the chop and heading down the road, who will be demoted and will really have to do the same job on less money and who will be safe. Well there are 4 of them who will be safe that's for sure - the very 4 who have sat and planned out this review!

Loyalty and hard work counts for nothing these days - my Dad worked for the same company for nearly 40 years - 27 of those years were working nights and he says you're nothing but a number to them - he was never late, never had a day off sick and he says he wasn't any better thought off for his loyalty and devotion.

My Mom used to work in Boots on the pet food counter and she used haul big boxes of tinned dog and cat food out onto the shop floor (this was back in the 70's in the days before health and safety and manual handling were ever thought off) and now at the age of 76, her spine is just shattered and she suffers terrible pain every waking minute and I do most firmly blame Boots and how hard she worked there, but again was there any thanks.....No.

I suppose the 'Armani Suits' (at work) would say that you get a wage at the end of the month, what are you moaning about? But a little thought and consideration would go a long long way. i.e. Just tell us who's going to loose their jobs now and not either just before Xmas (don't management just love to do that to the working masses) or just after Xmas!

What's started my rant and moan, well I do a 50 mile round commute every working day up and down the motorways and I know that I should really be thinking of purchasing a new car (not new, new, but new to me at least) but I am worried about going for a new car if I'm going to be made redundant! We made the mistake of going and just having a little look today and I said to my hubby that we shouldn't have gone - but we did and it's always the same isn't it? You can always find something when you can't afford to buy it?!!


I did go out a few weeks ago and I brought myself a new Kenwood Mixer - it is brilliant! so far I have made cupcakes, fruit cake, coconut and lemon cake, pastry and my own bread in it. I find the bread comes out far better than making it in the bread maker - going to have a go at doing a Bakewell tart in it tomorrow.

Since we did all the work in the house, it's really really, nice to walk into after work, it's clean and tidy and looks lovely - in fact for us it's perfect and there's nothing now that I would change or alter and for once, there is just nothing to be done on the house  -  but I feel a little lost.......for so many months it was a case of either searching for the best price on everything, or going out looking for things or actually doing the work. So now I feel like I've lost my target or my goal for what needs to be achieved next. Does anyone else ever feel like that especially when a big project comes to an end?

I've even managed to find time to read a book this week, it was Fern Brittons new one, called Hidden Treasures - it was ok, bit lightweight but better than I expected and it was set in Cornwall, which was nice and helped with imagining the characters and surroundings  - Judy Finnigan has one out called  Elouise which I quite fancy reading but have got to wait for it to come out on paperback before I buy that one, another book I am hoping to be given is Alan Titchmarsh's new one about his new garden - that should be good. I also like Kate Moreton and again she has a new one out but only in hardback so that's another one that I'm waiting for. She also links her settings to Cornwall

We both love Cornwall, especially St Ives and the Sloop Inn, the Sloop was were my Nan always liked to go in and my Dad would buy her a Whisky, which she really used to enjoy..... whenever we are down there we always have a drink in there for my Nan......... we've had quite a few happy holidays in St Ives, we like to book one of the little fisherman's  cottages, right in the town - it's a place with a brilliant atmosphere. We always, always stop at Jamaica Inn, on the way down too.......just for me to soak up the Daphne Du Maurier atmosphere, you can almost see the spirits of long a go pirates, dodging around and in and out of it's thick walls. Just brilliant!!!

I am wishing my life away aren't I? wishing they would tell us at work, wishing I could afford a new car and wishing I was in St Ives......... my Hubby would say that patience has never been my strong point!!

Oh well, the log burner's lit, Strictly's on tonight so I'm going to get warm by the fire -  at least wishing's free and doesn't cost anything!!

Speak again soon

Byeee xxx