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I'm 57 years old, working full time, wife, mother and grand mother, wishing that I wasn't working full time! I love and enjoy our children and grandchildren, our dogs and cat, our garden and allotment. I love crafts - knitting, sewing, crocheting, patchwork and restoring old furniture. I love to go to country auctions and love thinking that I've got my self a bargain!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hello There


As I'm sure that you can tell I'm relatively new to the world of 'blogging' - I've been reading blogs for about 12 months now and find them really interesting and I've been wondering for a while now whether I could do one - whether what I have to write would even be interesting to anyone else to read and then I thought why not - it doesn't matter if anyone else chooses to read it - they're my thoughts and it can be my online diary.

I'll probably write about the issues that concern me and how I'm trying to overcome some of them. Like getting out of debt, managing finances, losing weight, that long awaited dream of retirement, (11 years to go now thanks to this coalition goverment) gardening, allotmenteering, and the crafts that I would love to have time to do and my working days.

So here goes............


  1. Hi Sandra...and welcome to blogging! :)

  2. Hi Sandra, welcome to the blogging world, it's great fun, you learn so much from all the wonderful craft people and there are some great stories, I have made some lovely friends all over the world. I loved it when I retired, I love having time to do all the things I never had time for before and I like going out to lunch. Love Jill

  3. Go girl! lots of photos, I like photos. Show us where you walk and any pets that you have. Be back soon. Enjoy!
    Kath from Hillside

  4. Hello Sandra, pleased to meet you. We all have to start somewhere, you will fit in nicely here. I started my blog for a bit of fun, and now it is a lot of fun. Write it for yourself, what ever takes your fancy.

  5. Thank you all for such a warm welcome - it seems daft, but to me you're all people that I already know because I've been reading your blogs for a while now so it's nice to be speaking to you in 'person' - speak again soon

  6. Hi there Sandra, welcome to blogland! I am sure you will find it great fun, and make some good frinds.
    Nice to 'meet' you, look forward to you postings,its nice to read about other ordinary peoples doings, and see their photos.

    Vicky x

  7. hi, I have been reading blogs for a couple of years now and have always been impressed by peoples ingenuity and determination. I am interested in saving money, reducing debt and having some fun. Its interesting to see other peoples 'take' on things and share ideas. I have taken the plunge myself recently with my own blog and have to say , I find it really addictive!