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Friday, 27 May 2011

Hi there

Sorry I haven't been about for a little while but life seemed to take over - I haven't even had the time to read many blogs just lately. Working life just seems to get busier and busier - I've long forgotten what a lunch break is and the temptation to either work longer hours or log back on when I get home seems to get worse - at times it is really hard to switch off and to think about something else.

Plus it is that time of the year again when everything in the greenhouse is straining to get out and there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all put out at the allotment and in the garden.

To add insult to injury I have been complaining to our local council about the management of our allotment site, for the last 7 months - the lady who manages it - appears to make the rules up as she goes along (it may have something to do with the fact that she is married to the former leader of the council, prior to the recent voting day!)

 I have been requesting the next plot to ours which a council employee had for 3 years and which was never cultivated and have continuously been told that they don't give out half plots to make full plots (ours is a half plot) and that we'd have to wait until a full plot became available. However this didn't stop her giving extra half plots to make full plots to her friends, who work at the council!!

So we got to the point, with nothing to loose, where we threatened to go to the press (this was just as the council changed hands so to speak) and amazingly we have been told at we can have the extra half plot to ours to make a full plot. What upsets me, is that firstly, we've had to fight so hard for it and secondly they could have given it to us, so much sooner and it wouldn't have been such hard work to get it dug over, weeded and filled with veg. But it's amazing what perseverance can achieve even against the big boys like local councils!

I've been on annual leave this week and due to finances a holiday is out of the question for us this year - so we've spent this week either at the allotment or in the garden - we have a wedding to attend tomorrow which will be nice - my 2 small grand daughters are going to be bridesmaids, so looking forward to seeing them and I've got to say that we have really enjoyed this break - we have worked hard but at our own pace instead of having to rush, because we're back at work the next day and it's ok going away but the chairs and the beds are never as comfortable as your own are they? So it has been an enjoyable week

Going to do some patchwork now - will hopefully have time to post again soon - so much to talk about



  1. Crazy busy here in the veggy patch department, too. Our last holiday was in 2003. We now have "staycations"!
    Jane x

  2. It's necessary sometimes to have a blogging break. Nice to see you back :-)