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Monday, 19 November 2012


 Afternoon All

Hope you are all well, it was our 6th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and my Birthday today  (as my Dad said this morning I'm now a Heinz Variety......57!) so on Saturday we decided to treat ourselves - we were out for 6am and made our way to the beautiful city of York. It's the first day out that we've had this year apart from our little trips to Church Stretton and Welshpool.

York is a beautiful city and there was a time when we could afford to go up and stay overnight in a B and B a few years ago, but it would grieve me now to pay what they're asking, so it was all fitted into one day instead.

It's been a few years since we last went and although although there were no empty shops - some of the really nice expensive shops have gone (you know the ones where you peruse the shop window but wouldn't dream of stepping in the door!) York had lost a little of it's sparkle - when we used to go on this weekend in the past,  the Xmas decorations would be up and it would add to the atmosphere, as you were walking round the city - but there weren't Xmas decs up at all, this year - I suppose even the government cut backs have hit there too.

Plus we always used to go into the Minster and light a candle for our relatives who are no longer with us and then just sit and listen to the choir, we always left a donation for this hour of peace and tranquillity but that's gone now - the Minister fat cats now make a charge, which is a shame - it's our  heritage after all, but there you go.

Whilst we there I spent some time in Waterstones and I succumbed and spent some of my birthday money on those books that I wanted

So that's me set up with plenty to read over the next few months and then I was let loose in the Cath Kidston shop

Phew......... it took ages to look round then I decided that blow it! I would treat myself so I brought new bag, key ring, teaspoons, and storage tins for my baking ingredients.

There were so many pretty items in there - but they are pricey too - mind the price didn't seem to bother the ladies of York -  the queue was all the way down the shop and the money that was going through those tills (including some of mine) was an awful lot.
We also went to a household shop called Bennets where I got a new pallet knife, timer and piping bag and nozzles for when I do any baking and also a new desk lamp so that I can now see what I am doing when I am typing on this computer - I couldn't see the letters on the key board that well with the light we'd got..
We took some sandwiches with us - but stopped on the afternoon before we headed back to have a breather and rest my aching feet - 2 pots of tea for 2 people and 2 slices of buttered toast for 2 people came to the grand sum of £9.50............that was an expensive breather!
Oh well it's back on the tread mill tomorrow - back to work - hope you all have a good week
Byee xxx


  1. Happy birthday! I believe that churches were built for the people so balk at the thought of an entrance fee.
    Jane x

  2. Hi Trudie
    Just had to defend York as I love it so much and work overlooking the Minster
    It's maybe a bit early for the Christmas decs in all their glory - the St Nicholas Fayre is the end of Nov so things should be more festive then. Also I used to think the same as you about the entrance charge for the Minster, but I feel differently having visited with my daughter for her A Level studies... the amount needed for upkeep is huge, and also they were fantastic with us (let her in for free as a child even tho' she's 17). The guided tour was free and it was very entertaining. http://lavenderattic.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/york-minster-trip.html
    Agree about the Cath Kidston prices though...I love the bags and fabric but can't afford to shop there often!
    Sally @ Lavender Attic

    1. Hi Sally
      You lucky lady - how nice to work in such a beautiful area and overlooking the Minister too - I am so envious (I work in a run down area - not pleasant to drive into each morning) Please don't think that I was critizing York - I was just surprised to not see the decorations up - it's about 7 or 8 years since we last went and that time, as I came out of the Mulberry Shop (only went in to browse!) and we turned the corner the street was all lit up and someone had put a snow machine on a roof and there was a loud speaker playing Bing Crosby's White Christmas! it was gorgeous and that was what I meant about there was none of that type of sparkle, but York was and will always be a beautiful city.
      As for the Minister - it was good that they allowed your daughter to attend as part of her studies, I just think it's wrong for people to have to 'pay to pray' and it's not just York - it was the same at Chester last year- just doesn't seem right to me.
      The Cath Kidston experience was a kick back to the past few weeks with not knowing whats happening at work - cheered me up and made me feel a bit better xxx

  3. I went to York for a weekend some years ago, we enjoyed a walk round the city walls and also the ghost walk.

  4. Many happy returns of the day, my dear! Lovely pictures of York. Entrance fees for cathedrals is now an unfortunate sign of our times. Can`t say I`m a fan of shopping in Cath Kidston, but my favourite shops must be the likes of Bennets. We have Berts in Brighton and Hove and I just can not pass that without a look inside, even if I`m not going to buy anything.

    1. Thank you Sarina - so if I am ever lucky enough to make it down to Brighton and Hove I will look out for Berts as it sounds like my type of shop too - there's a similar one in Montgomery called Bunners - I can spend hours in there just looking! xxx

  5. Happy birthday my friend,I was bought a lovely bag for my birthday in september in the very same shop,oh we do have good taste.Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.Love Jill xx

    1. Thank you Jill, it was a nice shop wasn't it? Usually I'm happy to just look and browse but it was a special occassion and a treat - the carrier bag that they put it in along with extra wrapping and sticky labels (if they were to be presents) was an added bonus as well (beautiful carrier bag - too good to use really!)I agree we do have good taste! xxx

  6. I love York, beautiful city, but can be an expensive day out. From a new follower :) x

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Nice to hear from you - I agree, days out like this can be expensive with petrol etc., the parking fee was £11 for the day! - a lot of money just for parking the car - I think the flask will come out of retirement for the next day out that we have, help save a few pennies! xxx

  7. My goodness, £11 for parking!!! Along with the price of your tea & toast, not a cheap day out at all, then, but I hope it made your birthday a good one (Happy Birthday, by the way!)
    Those books you bought are all on my Wish List - but I'll try to be patient until they come out in paperback. sigh
    I'm a new follower as well - loving your blog.

  8. Hello my dear,

    Nice to hear from you and thank you - it did make it a good birthday - haven't started on the books yet - I was going to wait for them to come out in paper back but decided to have a treat - speak again soon xxx

  9. Congratulations on your Anniversary and birthday, it looks like you had a great trip to York.
    Sarah x