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Saturday, 12 January 2013

January Blues

Afternoon All,

Thank you for your kind words regarding our Flossie, they were much appreciated, we've spent the last week trying to remember all the good times we had with her and all the laughs we had. Although that went by the by on Thursday night, when I went down into the cellar to check on the contents of the freezer and found a pack of her liver - she loved liver with some mixed veg and pasta thrown in - daft how a pack of liver, that she hadn't had chance to have, can bring you to tears

Some one said to me that she'd had a brilliant life with all the places we'd taken to but for us, we've always worked on the premise that the dogs spend as much time on their own (waiting for us to come home) as we do at work, so it only seemed fair that they came on holiday with us too. We don't need fancy hotels and sun beds - I much prefer a reasonable cottage, an empty beach and a decent pub with a garden to sit in and have a pint after a mornings walk with our girls on the beach. Far better to do that and know we can afford that then sit on a sun bed knowing that it's put you in debt!.

We're not daft with our dogs - they're not allowed upstairs, or on the beds - we endeavour to keep them off the furniture, they have they're own beds, they're not allowed to jump up visitors, or to beg for food. We have rules, but we still love them loads.

So on to other things - I hate January! isn't it just the worst month of the year.....it seems to go on for ever and ever, it's dark and cold and worst of all you can guarantee that there will be snow - I shall be gald when January and February are over - at least the nights start to draw out a little by then even if it's still cold.

I've been going out in the dark and coming home in the dark all week this week and Wednesday night was an awful commute home all thanks to some idiot who let his lorry overheat till it burst into flames at Junction 9 of the M6, just as the rush hour was starting and guess who gets on the motorway at Junction 9?! Two hours to get home that night - an 11 hour day in all - I was shattered.

The review at work is starting to bite - I thought they would do it before Xmas but they waited till after the festivities. Some colleagues have received emails asking them to attend a meeting with the Head of the department and take a union rep with them. I haven't received an email as yet and fingers crossed I don't.

I went and did my shopping last night, to save pennies we went to Aldi for some of the shopping and Morrisons for what we didn't want to buy or couldn't get in Aldi.- didn't need to get a lot but it still came to £65 over the two supermarkets -  I think that I manage the housekeeping well and that I'm sensible with what I buy and cook but the prices are just getting ridiculous now. According to the news last night each family in Britain throws away £600's worth of food over a year - I certainly don't throw £600's worth of food away each year - I don't know anyone who can afford to throw food away -  It must be the politicians, they're the only ones with plenty of money these days. Every food item in this house either gets eaten by one of us 3, put in the freezer or the dogs finish it off.

Every one at work has had the recent bout of flu, people that I know have either had eye, ear or lung infections with it. We were saying the other day - we think that this has been a pandemic which the goverment have kept quiet about. I know so many people who have suffered from the flu this year - but I didn't know anyone who had the bird flu a few years ago - it would be interesting to know how many people have been finished off by this flu bug compared to the year we that we had the bird flu. Makes you wonder doesn't it?..........

I'm hoping to be able to have a few hours sewing tomorrow to make up a couple of cushion covers that I've had the material and trim for since last September  - let's hope there isn't any snow this week and we can keep the gas bills low and reasonable for this winter.

Have a good week

Byeeee xxx


  1. It's been very cold here today so it's been an 'in' day for me - no more early mornings and late nights now that I'm retired. It can get you down not seeing any daylight for days. My DH has the dreaded lurgy and many of my friends have succumbed to the delights of runny noses, chesty coughs and a general feeling of 'feeling like death'. Soon be spring.
    Love from Mum

    1. Oh that must be so nice - not to be ruled by working hours - As Jane says roll on Spring!! xxx

  2. I hate winter...full stop!
    We say, we live in summer and survive in winter...roll on spring!
    Jane x

    1. Jane - that's about right - surviving in winter -I'm with you, roll on Spring xxx

  3. I agree with you, we have the same rules for our dogs and they are happy and well loved. We bought our caravan about 10 years ago, so they could come on holiday with us. I was sad to read about Flossie, I know how much you must miss her.

    1. Thanks Kath - we did the same thing when we first had Floss we had a caravan at Montgomery but sold it when we moved out to Shropshire as it wasn't that far away from where we are now - your dogs remind me of Floss because they enjoy the sea don't they and she always did too xxx

  4. Oh the memories you brought back of the daily commute, M42 for me, I like dogs, but when it was Crufts......
    As Mum said soon be Spring.

    1. I listen to the radio reports each morning as I'm driving in and the M42 always sounds bad and I can well imagine what Crufts week was like too. xxxx