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Sunday, 7 April 2013

How much wool, do you have?..........

Afternoon All,

Hasn't it been so nice to see the sun this weekend - still cold though, but at least it's been nice enough to dry the washing outside.

I went back to work this week and if I'm honest it was nice to be back - the lads are a good bunch on the whole, who you can have a laugh and a joke with and who you know will get the job done- there's just a couple who can be 'challenging' but then it wouldn't do if we were all the same.

So back into the swing - it did seem strange though cause when I was first taken poorly, I was doing the commute in the dark but now it's light and it's so nice to not have to go backwards and forwards in the dark, so even if it is still cold at least we don't have the dark mornings and early evenings.

Plus it looks like we're going to be having some volunteers coming into the service - to help them get back into 'work' and the encouragement for me is that I can do a recognised qualification  in 'mentoring'- something that I really would like to do - the majority of the volunteers were young woman who have been stay at home mums and who want to get out and earn their own money, never having had a job before in the past - so if they're up for having a go - then I'm up for helping them too.

Just to show that I didn't sit doing nothing whilst I was off - I finished off an UFO - my first double sized patchwork quilt (never again- it was so heavy to work with) - it's not brilliant but it does add some weight to the bed and will keep us warm. The first night I put it on the bed my Hubby said 'Good God - I need a can opener to turn over! (it's so heavy) I also made the sham pillow cases to match

Sorry but I'm no photographer! I'm no patchwork quilt maker neither!
I spent yesterday morning sorting out all the wool that I have stashed away - I didn't realise that I had so much. As I have two Granddaughters there's a lot of it, that's pink, that's been brought over the years and put away. I do have another Grandchild on the way, so I've been buying white, lemon and green wool recently - but I do seem to have acquired quite a lot and if this new Grandchild is a boy then I just know that the compulsion to knit with some blue wool for a change will take over so there could be more added to that pile..........er think I might need a bigger storage box! 

 Then I started to sort out all the fabrics, that I have that I want to use to make some 'shabby chic' cushion covers and again I filled a big storage box and this isn't all the fabric that I have - there's a cupboard full in the summer house

But eventually it was all sorted and I now know where everything is and I don't have to go searching when I need to find something.

Then I set to and put all the crocheting UFO's along with the different hooks into one bag and the 2 knitting UFO's in another bag......so all tidy and sorted but I do think I need to use up some of the wool and fabric I have before purchasing any more.

Just on a topical note for the moment - old backstabbing  big conk Milliband has been going on about how unfair the 'bedroom' tax is on benefit claimants,well on the other side of the coin, someone I know, turns into work everyday without fail, with a smile on his face...... his job?........... he drives a lorry and removes fly tipping, he mauls wet dirty filthy mattresses  and heavy dirty 3 piece suites on to his lorry and then takes them to the tip - then he'll go and clean a bin room out, moving bags of maggot infested rubbish that rats have run over, again putting them into his lorry before going to the tip - a really dirty job - but when that lad gets home, he has to see his teenage daughters, sharing a small bedroom - how can it be 'fair' for someone like him, to work as hard as he does and then not have enough bedrooms for his family and a benefit claimant (regardless of why they claim benefit)  have a spare bedroom and not have to pay for that luxury.

Then again, on another side of the coin (this coins got lots of sides hasn't it?) why should any British benefit claimant have to give up their homes because they can't afford a spare bedroom for an immigrant family, who have never paid into the system, to have that home.

Old 'lets jump on the band wagon' Clegg came up with his first and only good idea last week - lets charge immigrants to come into this country. At last! yes lets charge the idle buggers to come here - I think it should be around the £500,000 mark plus get them to sign an agreement that they won't claim for benefits, housing, or the NHS for a minimum of 20 years. That would stop the flow here overnight!  Just goes to prove that politicians can have good ideas sometimes - pity that it's only once every 20 years.

Oh well teas nearly cooked lets hope this weather continues and it just gets warmer and warmer - Cornwall 5 weeks on Saturday - not that I'm counting

Have a good week, all



  1. Gorgeous quilt, I admire people who can quilt, my mum did it for years but my attempts are a bit feeble. You certainly have enough fabric and wool to keep you going for a while.

    Glad you are enjoying being back at work, the light nights are lovely after all the dark days of winter. We have spent the last 2 days in the garden and getting a few outside jobs done, now we are both feeling very stiff :-(

    Karen x

    1. Hi Karen
      Thank you - theres lots to be done in the garden isnt there - this cold weather has put us all so far behind - we're the same with the garden and the allotment - hope you're feeling easier tomorrow - have a good week xxx

  2. Looks like you've been very industrialist with all that sorting out, I do love to see the piles of wool and fabric... yum. Certainly with you on all those coin sides :( xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl - i'm getting there with trying to be more organised but it does take time doesn't it? xxx

  3. The quilt looks lovely and I think there's something deeply satisfying about a healthy wool stash... a feeling very similar to a well-stocked larder! Jx

    1. I agree Jan you're so right - I'd feel a little lost without a stash of wool and fabric xxx

  4. The patchwork quilt looks gorgeous, so much work, I'm sure you're relieved it's finished. Your wool hoard made me smile, I have so much I could almost open a shop! But could do with sorting mine out too. Think I'm a little worried about what I might find! x

    1. Go on Tracey..... sort it out and show me that I'm not on my own xxxx

  5. Ha ha, had to laugh at your hubby's comment about the quilt, it will keep you nice and warm though. I'm always envious of people who can use a needle and thread, I'm rubbish at sewing. I had a sort out of my wool stash at the weekend too, I ended up having to buy a new storage box to accomodate it all, I think I need to start using some of it. It's one thing for politicians to have good ideas but getting them put in force is quite another. It seems that all the daft ideas they come up with manage to make it through though. We're going to Conwall this year too, I can't wait. We're staying near Bude, what about you?

    1. Hi Jo
      We're going down to Hayle right on St Ives Bay beach and so looking forward to it - I hope that you have a good time xxx