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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Poppy Cottage Garden

Afternoon All,

Hope everyone is well - the nice sunny weather seems to have deserted us this weekend........so much for Summer - plus now we've had the longest day it's all down hill to December!

I always think that when the Proms start on the T.V. - well that's it we're truly into Summer now and the last night of the Proms means we're in to Autumn.

Life's still pretty busy her but 'good' busy - My Hubby and Son have spent some time up at the allotment this weekend playing with the rotavator and making a big difference to our heavy clay soil.

When we were down in Cornwall we went to a garden called Poppy Cottage Garden - it was only £3.50 each to get in which was reduced because I'd got the 2-for-1 card from the Gardener's World Magazine

It was a beautiful garden - it was sectioned off into 'garden rooms ' and each time you turned a corner there was yet another beautiful small garden  - the lady who owned it sounded like she came from Lancashire or Yorkshire (I'm not the best with accents) but I couldn't get to speak to her - there were 2 rather elderly butch ladies who were monopolising her time - but she really sounded as if she knew her stuff when it came to this garden

We spent a lovely peaceful hour or so just wandering round and it was just that 'peaceful'

She only opens on some afternoons each week - we brought some plants back with us -  and they were reasonably priced too so if you're down there on holiday this is one garden where you get value for money

And finally - Hubby said that he wouldn't mind a water feature like this one in the garden (can't imagine why!!!)

Speak again soon

Byeeee xxx


  1. It looks a very peaceful garden to sit and enjoy, lovely. xxx

  2. A really beautiful garden - great photos! Jx

  3. Lovely photos, I really enjoy looking round other peoples gardens they do seem to put heart and soul into everything. Its great weather for gardens at the moment but not so good for sitting in them!

  4. Looks like a gorgeous garden.One of my favourite passtimes.

  5. it all looks wonderful. I love the water feature, I wonder if they do one for the girls LOL

  6. That garden looks lovely, I love looking at other peoples gardens, it always looks like they know much more than me! Yes I can see the attraction of the water feature and as Kath says, do they do one for us girls?? lol.
    Ok, I'm going to try one more time to publish this then I have to give up - I've tried 5 times to get the capcha letters and apparently I can't get it right! Why do they have to be so convoluted??