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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Busy day

Evening All

I hope you are all fit and well and going along all good. It's been a busy day here - I took the net curtains down in the conservatory yesterday and got them washed and dried overnight (we have to have nets due to an extremely noisy neighbour 2 doors away) so I got those ironed and the windows cleaned earlier on.

Hubby spent this morning up on the summer house roof painting some thick black tar like roof sealant onto the shingles - the snow last winter lifted a couple of them and then damp got under them and we had a slight leak on one side of the roof - so it's been a good job done before the storms hit later this week - mind, roof sealant isn't cheap...... £60 in total but another job ticked off the list.

I've just finished knitting a little blue cardigan for Eli complete with blue aeroplane buttons

 Eli popped in to see us earlier on this afternoon and spent some time with his Grandpa watching the golf on the T.V. - mind I think Lee Westwood spent more time in the bunkers today then on the greens and I was really routing for him to win on a home course.

Oh well time to turn in - rain is definitely on it's way - my arthritis has been really painful all day - have a good week all

Byeee xxxx


  1. You've been busy! The little cardigan is lovely. Jx

  2. Its a lovely cardigan.I love making little knits like that.

  3. I do like the blue cardi and the aeroplane buttons:-) thanks for popping by my blog. I lost your link when I had to delete my previous blog (we picked up a horrible Internet stalker and it was extremely frightening). I'm very wary now in case he tracks us down again so am not going to be specific but my previous blog also had Lemon in it's title. Anyway it's lovely to meet you again :-)

  4. Hi Trudie, thank you so much for your comment on my blog it was so nice of you. I am so very sorry you have had your floods it must be dreadful for you just to get dried up and for it to happen again. The little cardigan is lovely. Take care my friend Love Jill xx