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Monday, 30 September 2013

Cornwall, Jamaica Inn and Ghosts

Evening All

Well, Fleetwood Mac were amazing and awesome - my seat was worth every penny that I had spent on it and I achieved something that I have said many times that I'd love to do - see them 'live'. They were on stage from 8.10pm through till 11.00pm

Lyndsey Buckingham  was amazing he spent practically all night on the stage and played on every song bar Mick Fleetwood drum piece and then he  sat on the floor of the stage and just listened to Mick beating out those drums

The whole night was just very special - I'll put some photos on when we get back home

We've travelled down to Cornwall today - it's a 'Sun' holiday and the accommodation is ok basic, clean but not over special - it'll do us for a few days. Rain is forecast so we'll probably stock the car up with a flask of coffee, sandwiches and the kindles to read and then go  and find some where to park up, with a view and a walk for the dogs and just chill each day.

It's tradional that we always stop on the way down here at Jamaica Inn and as the weather was grey with cloud, we were trying to imagine what it must be like to be stuck  on the moors in winter.

When my hubby said 'what if you were stuck in bad windy weather at Jamaica Inn'  would you stay there? my answer was a definite No! - I'd never sleep and would be listening for the ghost of a pirate from long ago to rattle the windows or slam a door or hear the rumble of a cask of rum that's been taken from a boat that's been wrecked on the rocks - I think it's an atmospheric place and I'm sure that if you listen carefully you can hear the rustle of Mary Yellens petticoats in the hall way as she bustles away after listening at a closed door to what the pirates will do next

So if you've read the book - would you stay the night at Jamaica Inn and sleep soundly or do I just have an overactive imagination

Have a good day all - speak soon

Bye xxx


  1. Nope, too creepy for me. I don't believe in ghosts, but.......

    1. Glad you agree with me - I just would not like to be the last one to turn the lights off in there on a dark windy night xxx

  2. I received your email , I will pass on the message

  3. Silver sewer here, send cotton reel your email and I will send you the link to my new blog.

  4. I think the setting is a bit too draughty - with or without ghosts!!! Jx

  5. Very true - I hate the wind.........mind I hate rain, snow and ice as well! xxx

  6. I have not read the book Jamaica Inn , I might give it a go

  7. Hi Trudie - thanks for joining the other followers on my blog. I'm reading yours for the first time, and it's great! Glad you had such a good time at the concert, and hope you have a great holiday, whatever the weather. It's just lovely to get away, eh?! I can't wait for our two weeks at the opposite end of the land, just before dropping off the edge of NW Scotland. I love Jamaica Inn, too, but not sure I could sleep there. Hugs x

  8. Another follower here as well Trudie, I'm just browsing through your blog it's lovely. I could stay there as long as I had my earplugs, without I wouldn't hear anything over hubbies snoring lol x

  9. ....and another one! Anyone who likes Fleetwood Mac and Jamaica Inn gets my vote!

  10. Cornwall is lovely at the moment and I hope you enjoy your holiday.

  11. ooh Fleetwood Mac and Cornwall - wonderful. I haven't read Jamaica Inn but I liked Rebecca so I may give it a go one day.

  12. Oh I don't mind ghosts at all, considering that they are only the energy forms of people who once lived on the earth as we do now. :)