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I'm 57 years old, working full time, wife, mother and grand mother, wishing that I wasn't working full time! I love and enjoy our children and grandchildren, our dogs and cat, our garden and allotment. I love crafts - knitting, sewing, crocheting, patchwork and restoring old furniture. I love to go to country auctions and love thinking that I've got my self a bargain!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Time Waits For No Man............ or something like that!

Afternoon All,

Whatever happened to 'late summer' we seem to have gone straight from mid summer to autumn, in one fell swoop! The last few nights have been quite chilly and today the old faithful thick cardigan that I wouldn't be seen dead in, outside of the house, came out of store for another winters wear. Am I the only person who has some thing like this cardigan, you know, an item of clothing that is really ancient and has definitely seen better days, but which you just can't seem to throw away. I also have a pair of blush pink socks which are thermal - something like a 5tog warmth and I can see that they'll be making an appearance soon if we don't have a late Indian summer here!

I've been really busy of late, I had a week off work recently, 2 days to have my Grand Daughter, and then the rest of the time was due to the dreaded V Festival, as when that's on, it can take anything up to 4 hours to get home from work. 

Really when I think of it, I've achieved a lot this summer like............

Made my first Union Jack Cushion

Made Strawberry Jam

Been to Gardeners World Live Show ( Oh to have a garden large enough to be able to have this gazebo in it! It even had a 50 inch T.V. on the back wall!!)

Done a jigsaw

and another jigsaw

And turned this into this

I've also worked on a coffee table and did the same -  sanded then waxed the top and painted the bottom part in good old Farrow and Ball Eggshell Paint - Pointing's the colour - looks good doesn't it? Well I'm pleased with them.

We've also moved all the furniture round in the house, made a lot of spiders homeless, (removing the cobwebs!) and got rid of a lot of clutter in the process. Made 2 batches of Chutney, frozen pounds of beans, made plum jam and I've spent today making 2 large meat pies for the freezer.

I've still got 2 door curtains to make and a set of proper curtains, for the office area in the conservatory and those will be my projects for the next few weeks. I notice that the rise in energy prices are worrying a lot of bloggers, I can't understand how energy companies can be allowed to inflict these price rises on householders and then be allowed to make such large amounts of profits. So the door curtains are being made to try to help with the heating costs.

We've got to get a load of logs delivered - I dread to think how much they will cost this year, as everyone seems to have a log burner or an open fire these days, to save money on the gas or electric and they're sure to have put the price up considering the demand for them.

We haven't had a holiday this year due to paying the mortgage off and would love to have a weekend away in September, only to North Wales - Barmouth or around that area -  for a couple of days but the best price that I can get for a bed and breakfast is £85.00 per night! I really don't know what to do whether to go ahead and think blow it! and spend the money or should I continue to be careful and stay at home. If it rains all weekend I will be really upset that I've wasted that amount of money. Decisions, decisions.........

Plus of course if the weather's turning cooler, and the children are back at school next week, then all the Xmas stuff will be in the shops and we'll have to start saving to pay for that!

Time certainly marches on  - doesn't it.............Byee


  1. Hi, i really like what you have done with the cupboard, I want to do something similar, i really like that style of furniture.

  2. Everything Miss Piggy Bank just said!
    Jane x

  3. Love how you made over the cupboard, very nice indeed.
    I did laugh at your comment about the 50inch TV, that would be my worst nightmare LOL

  4. HI, I blog hopped here and have had a lovely read. You've had a busy summer. Love the cupboard.
    Love from Mum

  5. Hi, just wanted to say hello from your latest follower and that I love your dog Daisy, she looks just like mine when her hairs long although she gets a home haircut, bit wonky but looks fine once grown out a little x