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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Back on the Tread Mill

Afternoon Everyone

I hope you are all fit and healthy and that life is treating you well. I do try to post comments on other blogger's sites but most times seem to make a mess of it and then my message doesn't get logged so if I can just send a few messages now..........

Miss Piggy Bank - Thank you for your comments about the unit, you should have a go yourself - I find it very calming and therapeutic working on wood. Can I also say well done with the cc and I so identified with your post regarding weight and what hard work it is to loose it - I really am with you on that score, every step of the way!
Jane and Chris - Thank you for your comments - I did try to leave a comment on your blog when you told us about collecting the fruit off the trees and having to keep watch for the bears - gosh! that must be so scary and I moan about the robin pinching our plums!!
Kath - Your kitchen and dining room are just beautiful - you must be so pleased with them - it has definitely been worth all that hard work. I also liked what you've done with the garden too - it was really pretty.
Mum - Hello there it's nice to hear from you - thank you for your comments.
Mrs Bent - Hello to you too - thank you for your comment about Daisy.

Finally here's a picture of the cupboard in place and for Mrs Bent another photo of Daisy

                                                    (the paddle hanging down is from the wind chimes)

So what's been happening here - well I've been off one treadmill this week and straight on to another!

We've had a week off work and decided to save the pennies and didn't go away but all I've seemed to do is work! We had a day at the coast on Monday, Tuesday was spent at the Doctors and the Hospital, I spent Wednesday making a door curtain for my son and daughter in laws home, Thursday was spent making 2 door curtains for our home and Friday was spent shopping and altering curtains for my son's bedroom which he's decorated this week. (Yes my son still lives with us, he's 35 and won't go, says he's quite happy where he is!! I do keep dropping hints - I think I'm going to have to put the board money up soon!!)

Yesterday we went to see my Mom and Dad and then we went onto Charlies in Welshpool (a lovely shop and the prices are not too bad) then onto Bunners in Montgomery (Bunners has been in Montgomery and run by the same family for over a 100 years and they sell everything - when you walk in, it's like stepping back in time with the old counter with a fitment behind them with all little drawers in it for the nuts, bolts and screws that they sell. They also sell all kitchen wear, agas, log burners, fire baskets, gardening items, etc., etc.,  - well worth a visit) then we went onto Churchstoke where we used to have our static caravan and there is a large supermarket there called Harry Tuffins and if Harry Tuffins doesn't sell what you want -  it doesn't exist! they have a little farmyard zoo for the children, there is a car boot sale there every Sunday and the prices are good too. I came a way with a number of items for the Christmas box (yes I've started for Xmas already!!)

Finally we went onto Church Stretton and had a walk around the Antique Market there, couldn't find what I was looking for so came home via 2 pints at the Wenlock Edge pub!! Today's been ironing and seeing my Grand daughters and tomorrow it's back to the old routine of getting up early and hitting the motorway for another joyful day at work. (I am joking!)

My hubby has finished painting the front of the summer house, my other son is going to come round next Saturday with his spray gun and spray the other 3 sides for us (much easier)

                                          (sorry about the ironing board being in the picture - this is my
                                           sewing room and that's where I left it when I'd finished sewing on

It's been hard this year, not having a holiday, so I've had to concentrate on what we have accomplished by not having a break, to keep me going and not sinking into dispair!  - we've paid the mortgage off, moved all the house round and made the front room into a 'winter snug', brought a new TV for in this room   (cash!) and we've also brought 2 new easy chairs for the kitchen.

You see we tend to live in our kitchen, it's the middle room of the house and the largest - it also has a log burner in it, so when that's lit, it saves us money on the gas central heating. But when we get home on winter evenings, my hubby doesn't always feel like lighting the log burner, plus there are those days where there's no wind and the damn thing won't 'draw' and the radiator in the kitchen is only a small one, so we decided to make the front room into a 'winter snug'.

It's only a small room with just enough space for the welsh dresser, 2 chairs and a set of drawers, but it has got a gas fire and large radiator in there.  I'd made the curtains for this room some 4 years ago (I went to night school to learn how to make curtains) and at the time I'd cut a further double length curtain out to go over the front door, but had never got round to lining it and making it up. So that's been one of my jobs for this week, but as much as I wanted to put the linings to it like I had with the others, it was just too heavyfor me, so I've admitted defeat and brought some thermal linings for that curtain, it's  up now and the snug is all ready for the bad weather to come.

A photo of the new curtain shut over the door

One of the 2 chairs in there

One of the dresser

One of the second chair

                                                 The pattern is Sanderson's Rose and Peony

These are the 2 new chairs that we've had for the kitchen, they are so comfortable, it gets to a point each eventing as to who falls asleep first!!!

You can just see the log burner stocked up with logs ready!
Have you all seen the weather forecast? next week an Indian summer and then possible snow next month!!! It's not been a good year at all for the allotment however we have succeeded with the onions - we've pounds and pounds of them all drying off nicely, the leeks and parsnips are doing well too, we've picked lots of potatoes, courgettes and broad beans - it's just been a poor year for the runner beans. Oh well you can't win them all can you??!!
As I haven't won the lottery neither it's now a case of preparing and getting ready for another week at work  - I hope you all have a good week


  1. I love your summer house!

  2. Oh your snug, looks very cosy and well... snug!
    Jane x

  3. Hello Trudie, your home looks so cosy and I love your little sewing house!
    The photo os Daisy is just adorable and I hope your son is feeling better now xx

  4. Love your summer house and glad things were easier that first thought for your son's cheek!!