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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Counting my blessings.......

Afternoon All,

Happy New Year and hope you are all fit and well, life soon returns to normal doesn't it? I've been back on that treadmill, up and down the motorway each day, with what it seems like less time to spare than ever.

Ten years ago we used to have a caravan at Montgomery which we went to every weekend when we could, I still worked full time and all 3 of my children (although grown up) were still at home, I still managed to do all the housework, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and the garden and I still had time to go to the van - Now I still work full time there are only 2 of us at home in the week and 3 of us at weekends and I manage all the housework, cooking, washing , cleaning, ironing and gardening and then nothing much else! where does the time go to? Is the world moving ever faster or am I moving ever slower?!!

I get in the car every morning and go down the motorway every day thinking 'lifes not fair - I want to be at home doing my crafts, in the garden and having a nice easy life' then I get to work and the madness takes over, and I suppose I do enjoy my job - then after a busy day, I then come back up the motorway, counting my blessings, thinking well at least I do have a job, which is a lot more than what a lot of people have, I live in a lovely little house that I own, with good neighbours, I can pay my bills, I can keep warm and eat good plain food and most important of all,  I earn my own money.

I've worked and earned my own cash since my daughter was 5 years old - she's 30 now, there have been times, when I was left a single mom and had a mortgage to pay that I worked at 3 jobs - I did the council job during the day, then on some nights I worked in the cash boxes at the local illuminations and on the nights I didn't  do that I worked behind a bar serving drinks.

But by doing this, it was my money that was paying for everything - I even managed to buy 2 brand news cars by doing this. (Strangely something I can't afford to do at the moment!)  I've also paid into my own pension for the last 22 years. So although I go down the motorway each morning wishing I didn't have to - I do appreciate and realise all the good things in life that it gives me. (Although I shall still go down the motorway on Monday morning thinking - 'wish I didn't have to do this')

My Nan always used to say that a woman should have her own bit of money put away somewhere for a rainy day and emergencies -  there have been times when that little bit has come in handy - even now, I still do keep a little bit on one side, it helps to pay for birthdays, Christmas and other things.

Talking of paying for things - take my advise, never never buy a Citroen car - every January something goes wrong with our C3 and you can guarantee that it will cost us a pretty packet and yes yet again it has happened - this time it has been the clutch and gear box bearing that decided it wasn't going to work - so we have started January off £400.00 worse off than we were at the end of December, which has given a knock to the savings.

We've decided that again this year we won't have a holiday - we need to carpet the conservatory, due to the way it was constructed (we live on a slope going downwards and sidewards) it is built onto constructed walls with concrete grandfathers (beams) across the breadth of it and whilst we have 2 large radiators in here, (we put on the largest conservatory we could, without planning permission)  the cold comes up through your feet and then slowly up to the knees if you're in here for any length of time, (I had to tell the family to wear thick socks when they came for Xmas dinner!) and we know that carpet will cost us £500.00+

I also want to purchase a decent T.V, for in here (it's a large conservatory with 2 large sofas as well as a dinning room table for 6)  - we both love to sit in here in the summer and it will mean that the room gets more use, plus the garden and allotment are on going and I also want to paint the inside of the summer house this year - and there is only so much that we can do at a time.

The curtain that I made for the front lounge way back in September has come in very handy especially whilst we've been having these strong winds which seem to find every little nook and cranny to come through.

Oh well time to go and get ready - on baby sitting duties tonight -  Hope you all have a good week.


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