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Friday, 9 March 2012

There But for the Grace of God...........

There but for the grace of God go I.............. I was lucky, I have 2 sons who never really did show any interest in war games or the army, and both have run of the mill jobs now.

But this week, 6 poor Mothers will never hear their son's walk through door and say to them 'All right Mum'

They'll never be able to say Happy Birthday to them and have their lad say 'Thanks Mum' back to them

Or even -  Merry Christmas and hear their lad reply 'Merry Christmas to you Mum'

There will be no future Grandchildren to coo over

Worst of all, they will never be able to say 'Love You Son' and have their lads say back to them 'Love You too Mum'

I believe that we've sacrificed too many of our brave lads to this god forsaken country and it's ungrateful people - we should bring our lads home, put them to patrolling our coasts and our airports, keeping  our country safe  from these evil people. Batten down the hatches and stop any immigration from the middle east, afghanistan and pakistan.

I would be happy for all the muslims who think that this country is such a bad place to live (but who so conveniently claim all the benefits that they can off us, whilst they produce more and more children to scrounge off us, hard working tax payers) and who hate the British (like Abu Hanzar) so much (but again accept our handouts - strange how their pride goes out the window when they cash the benefit cheque isn't it?)  to be put in a leaking boat, pushed out to sea and cut a drift, as we also tell the Europeans where to shove their Human Rights Act at the same time ........ 

(I would gladly cut them adrift!)

There but for the Grace of God go I............... I just feel for those 6 poor Mothers, who now will have to bury their young sons. So not worth their loss and pain...........

Take care xxx


  1. I never miss the chance to say "I love you" to my son and he ends every text with "Love you Ma". We never know whats round the corner even in civilian life. My heart breaks for those mothers.

    1. I'm the same Kath, I always say 'love you' to them and always try be there for them - I just can't imagine what those poor Mums are going through - some one somewhere has got to say enough's enough and bring our lads home xx

  2. Hubby was in the Falklands War and the first Gulf War.We say "I love you" at every opportunity..I almost lost him once (Falklands), we do not take our lives for granted. Women are the forgotten casualties of any rotten war.
    Jane x

  3. Jane

    That must have been so terrible for you - I remember the Falklands war, my children were little then and I can remember putting them to bed and then sitting watching the news updates each night - because it was really the first war that was so televised, and in 'our' time period - we lived it every night, in those TV reports and you are so right about women being the forgotten casualties xx

  4. I so agree with this blog post. All those young lives lost are wasted for what? We need to see those young people live a prosperous life, not been used as gun fodder. This is a dispicable way in which they lose their lives and should not be allowed any longer to continue.

    1. I so agree with you Sarina it's time to say enough's enough now Take care xx

  5. I really agree with this Blog post - well written.

    My Lovely Hubby was involved in the Falklands War and my son in Kosovo and Iraq, so I know the worry and dread that these mothers will have felt every day only to have their very worst fears come true.

    Sue xx