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I'm 57 years old, working full time, wife, mother and grand mother, wishing that I wasn't working full time! I love and enjoy our children and grandchildren, our dogs and cat, our garden and allotment. I love crafts - knitting, sewing, crocheting, patchwork and restoring old furniture. I love to go to country auctions and love thinking that I've got my self a bargain!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Still here then?.............

Hello there,

Yes I am still here but don't have that much time at the moment, work is still manic and stressful, the motorways are still busy with idiots and life at home is busy with working in the garden and at the allotment.

So far, I've only got the onions, garlic, shallots and potatoes under way, the propagators have all been found out again and given a good wash out ready for all the seeds to go in but that's about it - mind you how cold the weathers gone today it probably makes sense to wait a little while longer and let it warm up a little more.

I went through all the seeds I'd already got on Friday and did a list of what I (and my daughter and daughter in law) needed, I haven't brought any pots, seed trays or inserts for about 4 or 5 years, having washed and reused what I'd already got, but felt that this year I really did have to get some new ones.

So after getting the seeds, the dahlia's, begonia's, sweet peas and geraniums (all white - the garden theme this year is going to be just green and white), the new seed trays, inserts and pots, a new bucket and a new cloche to keep the carrot fly away - I was £60.00 worse off!

But I am pretty well sure that, I have got everything I need for this year for the growing season. It's our first year with a full sized plot and hopefully it will help to feed our whole family with home grown healthy food, so really it is a small price to pay and the seed trays and pots will be reused for the next few years

It is our hobby too and there can't be many hobbies that work out so cheaply and feed you into the bargain!!

Are you like me fed up with the price of everything going up and up - I've had to go and buy a new iron today - I won't say how much it cost -  all I will say is that it's now got to last for the next 20 years at least! (I've had a good one and one that feels comfortable to my arthritic fingers - but really the price was shocking)   There doesn't seem to be anything that remains at a static price - it doesn't matter what you go to buy, whether it's food, utilities or pleasantries - everything  has gone up.

I think that all politicians should only be able to  earn the national average wage which is supposed to be £26,000 perhaps then they would do everything they could to bring prices down. We would soon see those that do that job for the good of the country and the ones who do it to line their own pockets and see it as an easy ride.  (Would that be communism? don't know not sure!!) Mind you - I wouldn't mind earning the average wage, the only people that I know that are on that much are the managers now at our place and I don't know of anyone else who earns above that in family and friends, so not too sure where the statisticians get their figures from)

Only a quick posting today - hope you are all well - will hopefully be back soon - Take care all

Byeee xxx


  1. I too am fed up of the cost of things rising. If my iron broke I think I would just do without ironing clothes, hahaha. Like you, I know few that earn this apparent average wage, personally I have never got close. The money you spent on the gardening stuff is definitely money well spent - like you, I just bought a few things and have got my seeds going. Can't wait for a few sunny days now to get out there.

    1. Hi I agree I just can't wait for some nice sunny weather - what we've had so far has always been whilst I've been stuck in a hot stuffy office! Fingers crossed we have a good Easter and we can both get out there and get some work done - Can I just say I thought your new windows and doors are just beautiful and you're new home is looking really nice and homely and comfortable

  2. We are all struggling to make ends meet. It`s going to get worse yet, I imagine. The more we can grow on food ourselves the better for us. Let`s hope we can have a productive year ahead in the gardening department.

    1. I agree Sarina - I remember strugglying through the late 70's early 80's recession with a young family to feed but I really do think that this one is going to be a longer, harder recession to get out of - I can see that you've worked hard on your veg patch but it is really coming together now isn't it? Take care xx

  3. At out last house we had a white flower garden...it was stunning..it appeared to glow at dusk.You won't be disapponted.
    Jane x

    1. Hi Jane and Chris

      I saw a white garden on Alan Titchmarshes programme Love Your Garden (don't know whether you've had chance to see it yet) But it just simplifies the work as the greenery will be from the different types of grasses and hostas that I've already got - I did buy some white clematis last year and you are right they do light up the garden - Hope you've had a lovely anniversary today Take Care xx

  4. Definitely fed up of the price of everything rising - even a lot of the charity shops are too expensive for me now. I have plenty of makeovers to complete using things I already have so that should keep me busy. We have a lot of work to do on the allotment, and whilst sitting in the conservatory late this afternoon we were planning what we were going to do with the back garden- it's neverending!