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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Old age = second childhood!

Hasn't it been so nice to see the sun shinning for the last couple of days - I have even managed to put washing out in the garden to dry.

One of the down sides of having an issue with your my immune system is that  I have suffered a number of lesions on my legs, which were nasty and weeping but have now dried up and scabbed over - it's just like when you was a child and had fell over in the playground and you ended up with a grazed knee   - that's just what they look like now!

They keep itching so they are obviously getting better but each time I do scratch - I can hear my Mom saying (like she used to when I was little)

"Your leg will drop off if you pick at that scab"

I used to think no it won't........will it?

I think I said the same thing to my own 3 children too!

Anyway to make me feel a little better I've been had had my roots done and my hair cut and then I tootled off to Boots and treated myself to some new No 7 make-up - something I haven't done in a long, long time. Then I went onto M & S and brought myself 2 new tops ready for our holidays (11 weeks on Saturday - not that I'm counting!)

I had a Kindle Fire last weekend with some of my Christmas money and have got to say how pleased I am with it - it downloads a book so fast it's brilliant.

But why oh why do I keep calling it my Pringle and not Kindle?!

I really must be hitting old age and my second childhood - can't get my words out right!!

I then went up to the hospital to go in for yet another blood test (this will be my 5th in less than a couple of weeks) and couldn't get onto the car park, there were so many cars on there  - so I gave up and will go again tomorrow.

Well - hope that you got to see some of the sunshine today - Roll on Spring



  1. Let's hope the sun comes out to play a bit more and then we'll all start to feel better.
    Love from Mum

    1. Oh I wish Mum - the snow is coming down here thick and heavy at the moment - it's got to change soon hasn't it?...........xx

  2. Now that the spring is on its way maybe you will start to feel better,I do hope so for you.I bet you felt a bit better treating yourself to your hair do and the makeup little things that make us girlies feel good.Love Jill xx

  3. You can't beat having your roots done... Mine are due some attention next week!!!! Jx

  4. Now that's some serious cheering up!
    Jane x

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    1. Sorry I should spell check. Had meant to say that immune system problems can be so trying ... it is nice to distract from them by doing some nice for yourself. Enjoy that Kindle with some pringles lol ( Pringles are a brand of potato chips were I live :)

    2. Yes they are here too - it's jsut me getting mixed up Willow - i can quite happily have food on the brain even when I'm reading! xxx

  6. Thanks for your visit to my blog.
    Immune system issues can be very debilitating, and you may need to take plenty of rest. But Spring is here and I think we all feel better for it!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth - it has been something of a shock being off work with it for 2 months - speak again soon xxx