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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Catching Up

Afternoon All,

Sorry I didn't visit last week - I got caught up in a family drama which took up all of my Sunday afternoon - tell me what do you think of FaceBook? - I think that it can be a nasty tool in the hands of some unscrupulous people.

I recently have had some contact with my brother, who I hadn't seen for some 12 years - the lady (I use that word loosely) he was living with seemed O.K. My brother has always been a bit of a 'del boy' has never stuck at a job or a relationship long - not stayed around to see his children grow up, but whatever I think of him he's my brother and always will be - after all 'bloods thicker than water'.

This lady he was living with likes to be the centre of attention - doesn't work, doesn't do gardening or housework, likes to sit on her back side each and every day - completely different to me and my family and she certainly she liked everyone to jump to her 'tune' and listen to her opinion on everything.

Last week they split up and the things she was putting on FaceBook were really horrible - but I kept out of it - didn't make any comments and then the text messages started last Sunday and she really showed her true colours! Because I wouldn't take 'sides' then I must be siding with my brother. I explained that No I wasn't but I didn't like seeing all the nasty comments that was being put on FaceBook  about him - that was when it got really nasty.

So I've removed her from FaceBook and have barred her text messages - apparently she has continued to put horrible remarks on Face Book throughout the week - Yesterday she started on my children, because she couldn't get through to me  and again the comments and texts she's made have been really cruel and uncalled  for, just because we don't believe in taking sides or seeing nasty comments on Face Book.

I just can't understand why people wish to put all their business out in the public areana - it's a wonder she hasn't put on there how many times she's been to the toilet in any one day!!!  I know I write this blog but do it without readers knowing who I am - people know who you are on FaceBook

I don't know where my brother has gone or if he has a phone so I suppose it will be another 12 years before I see him again. PattyPan from Taragon and Tyme did a posting about a poem whereby it explained that some people come into your life for a 'reason or a season' - my brother comes and goes for 'seasons' - I just never know when the 'season' is going to be......

We've started going in to work in one car this week to try to save petrol (and money)- it means that I have to stand outside the office for 20 mins till someone turns up to open up but it's worked well - won't be able to do it this week as I have meetings practically every day in different offices - but will try to the week after.

I dread April arriving that's when all the increases in the bills will hit and  pennies will become really short. I never thought that I'd be having to watch the pennies so closely in my 50's and the thought of early retirement just seems to be sliding away with each passing week.

All the seeds that I have sown have come through - I've pricked out the tomatos, and cucumbers today - they're back in the propagator looking a bit sad and sorry for themselves - it didn't help when I dropped the pot of tomatoes! - have had to sow a few more as I grow those for my Dad (he does my onions and leeks). I've also pricked out sprouts, cauliflowers and broccoli. In the greenhouse, all the Garlic is bounding away - I've also started, lettuces, beetroot and sweet peas especially for my daughter in law. I can get sweet peas growing but can't seem to get them to the flowering stage and she can. The apple trees from Aldi are still doing well too.

Finaly what have they done to Gardeners World??? They've got rid of the best presenter they'd had since Alan Titchmarsh - Toby Buckland was the working man's gardener instead they've put that idiot Monty Don back in - he has no clue as to how people are having to make ends meet and how we need to learn to cultivate on a budget! and what's happened to the garden they made over the last 2 years in Birmingham - talk about wasting the T.V. licence fee. Well Alan Titchmarsh is going back to gardening for ITV on a Friday evening  and I shall watch that instead and I wish Toby all the very best - I think the BBC have treated him dismally

I seem to have done nothing but moan and groan throughout this post - please take no notice of me - Normal service will resume shortly

Have a good week everyone

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