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Monday, 21 March 2011

Good Friends

Hello All.

I'm home from work today - should have been in Preston for the day, for work -  but my beautiful daughter in law isn't too well and has had to have an overnight stay in hospital  - I've booked the day off from work to be ready to go and fetch her when the hospital decide to send her home.

 My poor son is a postman and would not have been allowed time off to go and fetch her out of the hospital - the post office are very strict with any leave a postman has to take they are only allowed authorised annual leave - even if they have so much as one day's sick leave they are automatically put on a stage 1 disciplinary. If my son had taken the day off he would have been put on the stage 1 and then would have lost his chance to stay on the transfer list - he presently travels 50 miles per day backwards and forwards to work and because of the petrol costs is desperate to transfer - so Mum to the rescue.

I thought I'd show you some pictures of some very dearly loved friends of mine.....introducing


Tillie the Tart

We went to fetch Tillie one Friday night after work and she came from a little house in Tillie Lane, hence the name - someone had told me that Jack Russells are snappy little dogs but not our Tillie - she is one of the most loving little dogs that I've ever known. It doesn't matter who you are and how long she's known you for she has got to (and I mean got to) give you a kiss (hence the nickname!). She hates the rain and the cold and loves nothing more than to snuggle down by the side of my husband and go to sleep - the only problem is that she always sends him to sleep as well!!! She's Mom to the other 2 dogs as well, making sure that they're ears and eyes are clean - You can almost hear her saying to them "Have you washed your ears today?".


Flossie came from a farm on the Welsh boarders, when she goes through a door at 50mph I always say to her "You were definitely born in a barn weren't you Floss?" We call her posh and daft - posh because she's the only dog we have with a kennel club name, and she never gives you a lick (kiss) she offers her cheek just like a posh aristocrat  and daft because she just is, she loves to run, she can run for miles, understands every word you say (pork pies, are known as pp's in this house, because she runs straight to the fridge, as if to say where's mine?) walk has to be spelt out like Tammy Winnette's D.I.V.O.R.C.E song of the 70's because if you say that word she starts to dance round and round in a circle and you have no peace till she's been for a W.A.L.K. She can eat for England and she turns her nose up at nothing.

and finaly


This 6 inch bundle of gruby fluff is Daisy (she is due to have a much needed hair cut but I am trying to make both Daisy and Flossie hang on till next month when the weather's a little warmer and I have enough pennies to pay the £90.00 for them both to be cut - we have a 'dial a dog wash' come to do them both) We brought her from a house in Bridge North - we thought all of Bridge North was quite posh and nice but when we got there it was one of the most dirtiest houses I'd ever been in - these poor little litter of pups and their Mom were in a filthy basket in the filthy disgusting hallway - if I'd have had the money I would have brought all of them - as it was, I picked the first one that looked up at me, handed over my £250.00 and got out of there - poor little Daisy was travel sick on the way home and has been ever since -  every time we put her in the car the poor little mite suffers. We took her straight to the vets next morning and had her checked out.

Daisy thinks that she's 6ft tall and will take on any other dog who comes within barking distance - it's as if she's saying "well come on then - I'll sort you out!" But again where we and the other two dogs are concerned she's really lovable - again like Tillie loves nothing more than to snuggle down and sleep on your lap. But she also likes to find any dirt or grass to roll in, hence the reason why I said she's gruby - we have to wash her most weekends to keep her clean!  I'll post another picture of her once she's had her cut and blow dry next month.

When I can get a picture of Lottie the cat I'll post a picture of her too.

All 4 of them are good friends - always there to listen to me and always give me the right response to any of my problems.............well I think they do (I know I'm sad and daft aren't I?)

Until the next time - take care xxxxx


  1. If there is an animal pic in a post, I'm happy!
    Such cuties!
    Jane x

  2. Awww! - I never was really a dog person until we found the pup two weeks ago (some pig had tied him to our allotment fence and left him there all night) but now I'm a covert. Yours are all lovely animals :-)

  3. Whoops sorry! I mean convert not covert!