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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Warm knees!

Hello again

Aldi have a brilliant offer on this week - it's a heated throw and well worth the money if you feel the cold - I do and it doesn't help the arthritis at all, to get cold, so I treated myself to one of these throws last Sunday and it is really good - just plug it in and you can either put in on your chair and then sit on it or put it over you, it just gives off just enough warmth to stop my poor old knees from seizing up with pain

Last instalment of DIY photo's - as soon as the kitchen was finished and we had moved back in and had got straight, we set to with the front lounge - as we'd started the kitchen, we'd gone out to look at some 3 piece suites, and we had only gone with the intention of looking but saw a nice suite and half an hour later had brought it!

Until then we'd had just a couple of easy chairs in the lounge and my big old welsh dresser but I'd wanted some where for us to go and sit in the winter especially on the winter nights when we get in from work  and my hubby doesn't  feel like lighting the wood burner and of course there are those stillness nights when the log burner just doesn't want to  'draw' and it doesn't matter what you do it will just not roar into life.

 Also when family come in the winter, you don't always want to use the conservatory and the kitchen only has 2 easy chairs, so it made sense to make this lounge into some where comfy to retire and relax to.

The shop said that they'd keep it for us for 2 months so we had to crack on with getting the kitchen finished so that we could have the suite delivered. Then we found out that the front door had started to rot, so we also had to have a new door at the same time.

When this house was built in 1857 people must have been so much smaller in height in those days - standard doors are 78 inches high our door way is 70 inches high! So we had to have the door altered to fit the gap.

I sold the dresser on Ebay and it now lives down in Wiltshire in a little 17th centuary cottage - the gentleman came to collect it and said 'Oh dear - I hope it's going to fit in when I get it home'!

We painted the room in Farrow  & Ball's  'Pointing' and 'Rectory Red' - the Rectory Red looked a little 'pinky' when we opened the can but dried to a lovely warm red. (I've got to say the delivery service from Farrow and Ball has been brilliant  -order on a Monday evening and it's with you by Wednesday morning - brilliant!)

Again I'm sorry I'm not good with a camera but here goes, my little 'snug'

You can just see the new front door - I made the curtains some years ago (Sanderson's Rose and Peony fabric)  and in the winter they go over the front door and keep it nice and warm

The aspidistra was my Nan's - it must be at least 25 years old now.....at least! The pictures are ones that we picked up in St Ives, Cornwall. The angel sits there all year long (watching over us, I hope!)

I've got to get some little pygmy bulbs for the new lamp these candle bulbs are a touch too long

The old front door

The new front door painted in F & B's  'Litchen'

So that's it - I was asked for photo's and I promise that there won't be any more for a while - I just don't want to see another paint brush for some time to come! But it's so nice now to walk in from work and it's all clean and tidy  and it was a pleasure to spend some time in my kitchen just pottering last weekend.

We just have the garden to 'put to bed' this weekend and then it's a case of starting for Xmas because I haven't done anything yet towards it.

Hope you have a good weekend

Byeee xxx


  1. Love front door and the sitting room, partiularly the fireplace and book shelves, looks so snug. my old lounge was very similar x

  2. All so cosy and snug...I absolutely love it.
    Jane x

  3. It all looks delightful. I had that colour in the bedroom of my old house.
    I do like your home, I always ask if I could imagine myself living there and I could easily see myself by the fire with my sewing :-)

  4. That's nice thank you Kath - you could always teach me some of the lovely patchwork you do if you were sitting here by the fire xxx

  5. Hi Trudie,

    Your living room looks wonderfully cosy with the Rectory Red walls. We painted our living room the same colour a few years ago....and I'm just touching up now after painting the freshly plastered ceiling. Our room can be a bit on the cool side as the house is detached, and the living room has three outside walls and is East facing....but that red really warms it up. I'm looking forward to having it finished in time for Christmas!

    I know what you mean about not wanting to see a paintbrush for some time....that's exactly how I feel. So far this year I've painted our spare bedroom, new downstairs loo, the landing, hall and stairs, and I'm now on with the living room.....if I can stand it I want to do our bedroom too. (Then a long lie down I think!!)

    It's so satisfying though when you do sit down to enjoy the room...I bet you'll love getting cosy in there once the weather turns cold.


    1. Thank you Carole - Gosh you have been busy too - All the work just gets to you after a while doesn't it? - we were just so shattered by the time we finished - good luck with the bedroom, it's only 9 weeks till Xmas now, so hope you manage to get it done! Take care xxx

  6. Hi Trudie,
    Just found your lovely blog and I am now your newest follower and will stop by again....Have a nice weekend!