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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Back again!

Hello All,

Sorry I've been away for so long - it's been a very long hard summer and even having time to read any blogs has been really difficult let alone time to write one.

So what's been happening, well if you can remember we had done a lot of work on the garden with painting the decking and clearing a lot of the overgrown plants away and we had always planned to decorate the conservatory whilst we were on holiday from work in August but decided that we would make a start before that with the bathroom.

Well that was it really, we decorated the bathroom then the conservatory and then the hall and then the kitchen and finally the little front lounge and we finally finished on Sunday with the fitting of a new front door. (we don't do things by half - as they say round here!)

I will post some pictures, all I will say is never again! when I was younger I used to be able to paint a room in a day - now by 4.30pm we'd both be cream crackered! with hardly anything done - or that's what it felt like!

Anyway - the bathroom -  that's been painted in Farrow and Ball's Lamp Room Grey and Pointing paint and I made pink gingham curtains with fabric from Laura Ashley

The bathroom mirror came from a lovely little  shabby chic shop that's situated in a garden centre just outside Bridgenorth, I love the little roses around the top of the mirror - we picked those plates up from the antiques market in Church Stretton. I did want new curtain tracks in black cast iron but couldn't afford them at over £100 each so settled for some from Argos - they look the part but don't have quite the same sound effect when you shut the curtains.
Not the best of pictures - but we painted the old corner cupboard in Pointing paint - the jug and bowl belonged to my Nan - all the other little bits and pieces were in the house except for the 2 vases on the bottom shelf and we again picked those up in Church Stretton - both Royal Albert pieces and very pretty. The plates on the other wall are all Royal Albert and are based on the Queen Mothers favourite flowers, again from Church Stretton - Do you like the silk petals overflowing from the little soap dish? I got those from Ikea and they are so effective

 Sorry you've got to crick your neck to see this one - But when you do - do you like the towels - I have coveted this particular towel range in Laura Ashley all year - they are so country cottage shabby chic.......and then Laura Ashley had a sale!!! and I thought it's now or never!!....so I got them - they are so soft and (sorry to use this word again!) pretty!

This soap dish came from the same antiques centre because it matched the earlier plates with the same type of edging

Some of the Queen Mother plates

I got the enamelled white waste bin from Ikea - it should be a plant pot but I thought it would just be perfect as a waste bin

And finally - I thought I would have to apply for another mortgage all over again for these little beauties

When did taps become so expensive???........... we've had the lever ones as I suffer with arthritis in my fingers, but blimey they cost a fortune!!
So that's the bathroom - cost a lot for us but for the first time ever, I've been able to have what I've wanted and been able to pay cash for it all too - I work hard so why not - Have you noticed too that I don't do minimal and I love country cottage style - I'll post some pictures of the conservatory next and then you'll see why I haven't been around for a while
Till then Byee


  1. Welcome back. I don't do minimal either! Looks lovely. Looking forward to the conservatory

  2. Please come over and decorate for me...we have to renovate and I haven't got a decorating bone in my body.
    Jane x

    1. I'd love too Jane - but not when those bears are about!! xx

  3. Hi, just found your blog, I'm guessing you are a fellow Salopian because you mention Church Stretton a couple of times, I used to live 4 miles from there in a little hamlet called Leebotwood/Smethcott in the South Shropshire Hills. I miss it very much.
    I was a regular visitor to the antique centre there.
    The walks were out of this world.
    I'm back in civilisation now but hanging on to the dream of getting back to the country before I pop my clogs !

    1. Yes you're right - but not born here - we moved here 9 years ago from the Black Country and would never move back - love it here - it's a great antiques centre isn't it, I can never go in there and come out empty handed - it's impossible! the Long Mynd and Wenlock Edge are lovely for walks (especially around the Wenlock Edge Inn!!) Hope you make it back to the country one day soon xx

  4. Hello again! Your bathroom looks gorgeous, very very pretty! Its hard work decorating as you get older (i'm also in my 50's and the body tires easily doesnt it?) but is well worth the effort.We did our lounge in september but am so pleased with the result.It will be nice to see the other rooms.

    1. Hi Anne - hope you are well, it is worth the effort and we both got there in the end didn't we?! thank you xxx

  5. Welcome back! Your bathroom is so pretty.

    1. Hi Scarlet - thanks you - Scarlet can you count me in for your blog please? Hope you are well, how's the wedding plans coming along? xxx