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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spick and Span..........

Afternoon All

This morning's de-cluttering exercise has been the kitchen cupboards. When I first got married nearly 40 years ago, my Nan told me you always keep a roof over your head, a fire in the grate and food in the cupboard - everything else comes after those 3 things. I have always kept a well stocked, kitchen cupboard and freezer - but with most things the minute you take your eye of the ball and stop watching what's going in and what's being used or not used, it gets all out of hand so today I've tidied and done a list of what's needed and I must admit I have had to throw a few things away that were out of date but not much at all.

I would just love a pantry - to be able to keep all my baking and cooking ingredients in one tiny little room with lots of shelves would be my idea of heaven (doesn't take a lot does to please me does it?!) I've only lived in one house that had a pantry - I was 20 and just married and didn't appreciate what I had then - so when I had a spell at baking about 18 months ago, my hubby put some shelves up for me in the little passageway and that acts as my 'pantry' - I've prettied the shelves up with half folded doilies and all my baking ingredients are in kilner jars on the shelves, plus the 2 bottom shelves store all the small kitchen appliances which only come out every so often.

Well on Monday, I went through the 'stores' and as most of the baking ingredients were out of date - I did have a big clear out and then popped to Aldi and Morrisons and re-stocked.

I'm nearly there with this de-cluttering exercise only another 2 areas to do and I'm done - I did a course on Hoarders and their hoarding habits and why they do it back in the spring and it was so interesting - I was relieved to see that even though I like a little bit of clutter that I was in the 'normal' range - to me having a possessions around me gives me a little bit of happiness and contentment as the majority of things I have - have a memory of some kind attached to them. I had years of not having anything special when I first married the 'prat' of a first husband  so I do cherish what I have around me now.

I was talking to my Mom yesterday and telling her that my hubby had fixed a wardrobe for me - that wardrobe belonged to my Nan who's been gone nearly 20 years now - it's in our bedroom still in use every day along with her ottoman and chest of drawers, they're all still looking good, so why would I need to get rid of them - they're still in use and special to me.

The team that I used to work with used to remove fly tipping they would go to the same places again and again to remove furniture that had been dumped and half the time there was nothing wrong with it - I'm afraid that I don't get this throw away society - it seemed that some residents changed their 3 piece suite every time they changed their hair style!

Oh well - I'll take my leave and return to writing my thank you cards - I left work with so many gifts and although my hubby says that I write a chapter in each card - I just cant write thank you and nothing else when I worked with these people for years and years, so it's taking me some time to do them all

Speak again soon


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