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Monday, 24 November 2014

Still busy here!

Morning All,

When I was working I had this strange idea that retirement would be an easier option but it's still all go here! This is my first day in the house for nearly a week!

Last Wednesday, saw me out Christmas shopping with my Mom then to the hairdressers.

On Thursday I went back to the Midlands to a little card shop and wool shop that I've used for a number of years - the card shop to get family Christmas cards and the wool shop for patterns - my eldest grand daughter is coming 9 years old and the majority of my patterns finish at 7 or 8years old so I've been looking for some new ones for her - she's into all these baggy boyfriend cardigans at the moment. Then I went onto see my Son and his family.

Its going to be difficult to get back to the Midlands for a while as some idiot has decided to shut the M54 every night between now and Xmas and then reduce it down to one lane during the day. They did this with only small sections of the motorway in one direction in the summer which was causing me to spend 2 1/2 hours travelling to and from work each day, this time though they are really going for it and doing both sides of the motorway. The Motorway was always busy on the run up to Christmas so this will cause absolute havoc - thank goodness that I'm not having to travel it any longer.

I went back to the Midlands on Friday too - I met up with an old friend from work and we had a lovely meal and spent the afternoon reminiscing about how we used to let properties and collect rents before the introduction of computers - we were much quicker and organised at doing it in those days compared to now and more importantly we knew our customers and who was wanting to move where.....the good old days!

On Saturday we went in the opposite direction and went to meet my Mom and Dad for my birthday lunch - we use a golf club just outside Welshpool called The Lakeside - it a beautiful place and the meals are exceptional and reasonably priced too. Strangely enough there were more road works on that end of the M54.............I'm sure someone sits in an office somewhere and says right it's the turn of the M? for the next 6 months and that's it - everyone who travels that part of the world get to suffer then.

 (Lake Side Golf Centre taken earlier in the year)

                                                          (The view from the restaurant)


I spent yesterday catching up on the food shopping and going to see my Daughter and Grand Daughters.

Today is ironing and baking and knitting I've only got 2 sleeves left to do on a Christmas jumper for my Grandson and then I'm going to have a go at doing some crocheting from a new book that my Daughter-in law got me for my Birthday - it's been about 25 years since I last tried to follow a crocheting pattern - so something to get my teeth into and have a go at - but I daren't have a go until I've finished these 2 sleeves or else the jumper won't be finished to wrap ready for Christmas.

Tomorrow is a sewing day - I have a pelmet to alter for my daughter so have allocated tomorrow for that.

Like I said - I thought retirement was going to be a case of slowing down - I got that wrong didn't I?

Have a good week



  1. The difference in retirement is that you do things that you want to do and not what a job wants you to do.

  2. So true - I have noticed though that although I'm busy, I'm going at a pace that I feel comfortable with and not a pace set for me by someone else xx

  3. I heartily echo the above comment. I have been retired for 4 years and still fill my days quite easily :) x

    1. That's good - I'm still in the adjustment phase but really enjoying it xx

  4. I think I would rather be busy doing what your doing, rather than working, I cant wait to fill my days with non work stuff!