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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Afternoon All,

We've actually seen a little bit of sun here today which makes a change after all the rain we've had recently - the washings out  in the fresh air, but I doubt that it will dry it completely. But if it gets it half dry then its a bonus - I hate wet washing hanging around the house - we don't have a tumble dryer because we don't have anywhere to put one and who can afford the electric to run one? So we'll wait until later, put an extra log on the log burner and leave the clothes on a clothes horse in front of it when we go to bed. Nine times out of ten it's dry in the morning.

Once upon a time I had a dolly maid - you know those clothes rails that are on a pulley system, and they go up and down - you put the clothes on it and then pull it back up - I suppose that it works on the assumption that heat rises, it did always get the washing dry - mind that was back in the days when I had an aga and the heat from that helped - one day I'll tell you the saga of the aga - it's a long story.

I've finally got round to making my Christmas cakes today and the house is smelling very Christmassy, so that's another thing to tick off my list. Plus it's our 8th wedding anniversary today and my birthday tomorrow. Out shopping with my Mom tomorrow and then to the hairdressers.

Finally I'll leave you with a picture of our new dog Winnie, she's got Cocker, Yorkie and Jack Russell, in her -  she's a proper scruffy looking  dog, a little madam and into just about everything but really loving and such a laugh - we certainly wouldn't be without her now and love her to bits and to us, she's beautiful.

She never keeps still so these are the best photo's I have of her at the moment - normally all I manage to snap is her tail end! These were taken down in Cornwall a few weeks ago. My handbag got in the way slightly (It was a Cath Kidston bag so can be excused!)

Have a good day everyone

Byee. xxx


  1. She is seriously cute... I can see how she's quickly worked her way into your hearts! Jx

  2. Thanks Jan - she certainly has xx

  3. Winnie is adorable Trudie :) Happy anniversary to you and your Mr and have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Lots of love me, my Mr, and the boys xxx

    1. Thanks Claire i did have a lovely day - hope you are feeling a little better too xx

  4. Ahh Winne is is cute.I know the feeling of having many photos ruined because Tavi moves so fast! Thank goodness for digital cameras. Sarah x

  5. OMG, she is so cute, why didnt I get one that size!