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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Anyone seen a little blue police box?...........

When I was little, back in the 1960's I used to always go up to my Nan's, early on a Saturday evening, I would wait there, whilst my Dad went and fetched my Mom, who used to work on the biscuit counter in our local Woolworth's.

I used to sit on my Nan's little black leather pouffe (which more than 50 years later is still as good as the day it was brought and sits in my little front lounge) watching their little black and white T.V. set - I used to sit and watch Dr Who, who used to take on the dreaded Darlek's (remember them and their dreaded monotone voice saying 'Exterminate, exterminate') Dr Who was the good guy and no matter what the Darlek's tried to do to him, after  a few episodes he  always defeated them and came out on top.

The situation at work,  is now getting worse and worse - we're an organisation, who don't make colleagues compulsory redundant is what they tell us - that's why 2 ladies who had a combined total of more than 50 years service have recently been made to go, although they didn't want to.

The dreaded Newbies, keep taking over more and more, what does it matter if the customers suffer, just think how many bright university qualified people we have working for us now and how many more could be working with us if only they can get rid of the older ones - you know........ colleagues with  years and years of experience  of knowing our service and our customers - that counts for nothing these days. Well not according to the Newbies.

They perminate through our new clinically white soulless office, on their kitten heels, with their Armani glasses and sharp business suits and don't they think they are something special and as they go you can almost hear them saying under their breaths when they look at us older ones (with all our years of experience) 'Exterminate, Exterminate!'

Hopefully by the end of the year, I shall know whether I still have my job and my career till then, my work and my ability to earn my salary is at the mercy of the Newbies

Where's Dr Who when you need him?!



  1. Ah, now this is called 'progress'. It was the same in my work. Younger people coming in thinking that we knew nothing. Not to worry, in another 30 years they will start to understand how you feel! Hope the outlook in September is in your favour.
    Love from Mum

  2. Yes you're right Mum! - I'll remember that when one of them comes tottering over to me to ask me something, that if they had the experience they'd know xx

  3. Its the same everywhere Trudie.I dont think many things change for the better these days. Both Tony and I work for the NHS which is at breaking point and I worry what will happen in the next few years.

    1. I agree Anne whilst we don't want our grandchildren to be working to pay off this debt that we've (or the high flying bankers depending on your outlook)created - i agree another 2 to 3 years and the core service industry will start to breakdown - things such as the NHS, social care, housing, public health etc., will just fall apart - people just don't realise how bad it is getting - Oh well we'll be able to say we saw it coming! xx

  4. 'Book smart' people are among the 'thickest' people I know.However, they think they know it all...sad.
    Jane x

    1. Jane
      You're so right - it's plain common sense, local knowledge and people skills that they don't have and boy does it show! - I would be happy to pass on my knowledge to them but they know it all so what can they learn from me (is their attitude) xxx