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Sunday, 2 November 2014

So where just does it all come from?

Afternoon All,

So, where just does it all come from?..............what you may ask and the answer is...........dust!

Over the last few days I have undertaken the start of a de-cluttering exercise around the house - for ages I've been thinking - well it might come in handy for when I retire..........and 'stuff' has been kept for 'just in case' purposes -  well I'm here now, retirement has dawned and its time to get sorted!

Plus I've realised that life isn't going to be about watching every penny it's going to be about making the pennies count and work hard

So yesterday it was time to clear the bookshelves and get rid of a load of books - I have my kindle so if I want to read anything I can get it on that  - I've kept the special books - you know the ones that get fetched out and re read every few years. But how does dust get to the back off the books on a book case?!

(It must have been all those times that I've dusted the front of the bookcase but never had the time to take the books off and dust at the back..... oops - paying for it now!)

You know, I've just realised that I have over 80 books on the kindle so plenty to read there which should keep me going for a while.

The other thing that I have been doing for a long long time is stock piling wool and I have a number of UFO's ( unfinished objects) to complete so I also sorted all the wool yesterday -  both all the spare wool and the wool needed to finish the crochet blankets ( why I have 3 ripple blankets all on the go at the same time is something of a mystery!) and now have 2 bookcases full of wool - my daughter always says that it's like walking into a wool shop when she walks into our conservatory because the wool is all lined up on one set of the bookshelves, in there. in order of colour just how you see it in the wool shops.

Perhaps I missed my vocation in life and should have had a wool shop instead of working in housing.

Anyway, the hospice shop will profit from my books but I'm still left pondering where does all the dust come from??

Have a good day

Speak soon



  1. We have builders across the road as they are building new houses. The dust has been horrendous all year!

    1. Hi Julee - I bet that has been a real nuisance because you would have had a load of extra traffic from the builders too which can cause more dust - I am at least beginning to feel like I'm beating it though now xxx

  2. I run our school library and when the library advisor came around she showed me a foolproof way of seeing which books are being borrowed and which ones were unread. It all came down to dust, a film of dust on top of the book was a sure fire indicator that the book wasn't being borrowed by anyone and needed to be chucked or made more visible!

    1. Hello there - well I think I've proved that theory to be correct - I must admit that those books hadn't been taken actually off the bookcase for some considerable time xx

  3. When I first retired, I went to war against dust. Unfortunately, dust won. Now we live together and with my failing eyesight, I do not mind (or see) it's intrusion in my house as I once did.

    1. I did wonder whether all this decluttering and cleaning is what all retired people do - because it is after all a fresh start in life so only natural to want to do battle with the dust mind the dust will always win out in the end won't it? Xx